Kramer’s high performance digital HQV scaler, the VP-791 can up or down scale an incoming signal using HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) to DVI or HDMI.

Kramer Electronics has been developing high-performing AV products and solutions for 30 years. Experience and professionalism channeled with innovative solutions has kept Kramer soaring to new heights. Since we are talking about innovative products, let’s review Kramer’s VP-791. The VP-791 is a high-performance digital HQV scaler that is used in applications including Pro AV systems, broadcasting, fixed installs and live events. The beauty of the of the VP-791 is its ability to up/down scale an incoming SD/HD/3G HD−SDI by processing the image with HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) plus flexible geometry correction to a DVI/HDMI connector. Control is simplified with either RS-232 or an On Screen Display with a max resolution output of 1080p. The VP-791 has a portrait mode allowing the development of a portrait format image from a landscape input that will naturally rotate by 90 to 270 degrees. This Kramer product will definitely improve video    


image quality while providing outstanding detail and clarity.  The VP-791 is available now and is ready to ship. For any questions regarding the VP-791 and it’s availability, please call 1800-660-2962.