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Kramer Platforms™ for More than Fun Meetings | InfoComm 2019

At InfoComm 2019, Kramer rocked their walls with Kramer Platforms™. It is their award-winning VIA Presentation & Collaboration set as an AV platform. VIA’s wired and wireless solutions all converge, forming a true platform of web conferencing, streaming, and digital signage. Add Kramer Control and Kramer Platforms works wonders for any-size company, education facilities, and government spaces.


“[Kramer Platforms] is a bigger picture for Kramer,” CEO Clint Hoffman says. More than just Pro AV, Kramer Platforms delivers on the promise of smart, software-driven AV by providing more on a single device. Let’s rundown the VIA lineup and see what makes them so flexible and feature rich.



VIA Campus²PLUS (Kramer Platforms integrated)

VIA Campus²PLUS is a simultaneous wire / wireless presentation and collaboration solution. It has a 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI input for seamless wired connectivity. With bring your own device (BYOD for the cool kids) collaborations on the rise, instant plug-and-play participation is invaluable. With any mobile device or laptop, users can record sessions and view, edit, and comment on files in real time. Users can also display and stream full uninterrupted HD video from their device and YouTube videos in full frame rate.


VIA Campus²PLUS shows six user screens on a single display, allowing up to 12 on two displays. Users can view the main display on their own device. VIA Campus²PLUS features mirroring for iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Miracast.


VIA Campus²PLUS can sit on an internal network and also be used as a secure wireless access point for guests. It supports third-party conferencing and office apps, such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Lync, GotoMeeting, and WebEx. The unit handles any size collaboration and is ideal for classrooms and training venues.


Kramer Platforms VIA Campus2

VIA Campus² (Kramer Platforms integrated)

VIA Campus² delivers next-gen dual 4K outputs with advanced collaboration tools, enhancing interactive learning in corporate training and educational spaces. View any user’s device on the main display, share and edit files together in real time, even turn your display into a digital whiteboard.


VIA Campus² empowers educators with real-time tools like e-polling to instantly gauge student feedback and mirroring for iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Miracast. VIA Campus² can sit on an internal network, but can also be used as a secure wireless access point for guests.


Like the VIA Campus²PLUS, six user screens can be shown on one display with up to 12 user screens on two displays. Remote students can easily join in, collaborating in real time with embedded third-party video conferencing and office apps.


Kramer Platforms VIA Connect plus

VIA Connect PLUS (Kramer Platforms integrated)

VIA Connect PLUS provides simultaneous wired / wireless presentation and collaboration with no need for additional hardware. This cost-effective model includes all the features of VIA Connect PRO with an added HDMI input. Users can stream full HD video or share any size file with any laptop or mobile device. In addition, the whiteboard feature lets you annotate, sketch ideas, and edit shared flies on the main display from your device. Furthermore, the VIA Connect PLUS features mirroring and can show four user screens on a single main display.


Kramer Platforms via connect pro

VIA Connect PRO

The VIA Connect PRO is a wireless collaboration and presentation solution that makes meetings easier. With any laptop or mobile device, users can view, edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or multiple participants simultaneously.


VIA Connect PRO can show up to four screens on the main display. From any laptop or mobile device, users can view the main display, share and edit documents together in real time, as well as turn the main display into a digital whiteboard. The solution features mirroring and is ideal for huddle rooms, offering the best price-performance in the market.


Kramer Platforms via go


The VIA GO gives Android, iOS, Chromebook, Mac, and PC users instant wireless connectivity with advanced presentation technology. Additionally, the system features content streaming for mirrored images and clear video playback.


The solution features iOS mirroring as well as native mirroring for Chromebook, Android, and Windows phone. With industry-leading 1024-bit data encryption and Wi-Fi built in, VIA GO is secure on the internal network.


See the VIA Feature Comparison PDF chart to compare all models.


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