ISE2019 Amsterdam

ISE 2019 RAI Amsterdam Showcases Larger Than Life Collaboration & Audiovisual Solutions

ISE or Integrated Systems Europe is one of the largest exhibition shows in the world for audiovisual systems integration. This year’s edition took place from Feb. 5th to the 8th at RAI Amsterdam, pulling in the largest crowd to date for both exhibition space and attendees. ISE 2019 showcased a remarkable set of special events, conferences, keynotes, show floor elements, education and training programs.

A few of our partner brands made the journey to Amsterdam to unveil their technology. Atlona with their All-IP meeting space and PureLink with their FiberX HDMI 2.0 extender made headlines. Wyrestorm joined forces with Domotz to demonstrate remotely monitored A/V distribution solutions. Kramer introduces Kronos, a secure cloud-based booking and scheduling platform while AVProEdge unveils components for conferencing type applications.


AV Industry leader, Atlona is an agile company that develops innovative solutions. At this year’s ISE 2019, Atlona opened up the show floor by unleashing their expanded inventory of excellent presentation and collaboration solutions in the OMEGA series of switching, extension, and video processing.

ISE 2019

Atlona’s new products reflect customers’ increasing use of smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces and open gathering areas to host spontaneous and planned collaborations. Their All-IP Meeting Space solves the importance of actively engaging with and sharing visual content to make communications more effective. Eliminating legacy type technology that has translated to challenging systems designs, long installation periods, and expensive equipment plus labor costs is the goal of an All-IP Meeting Space.

An All-IP Meeting Space involves a network switch, which is typically the switcher. A network switch creates an enormous amount of freedom to deliver right-sized switching systems without the limitations of a matrix. The complete multi-faceted architecture brings together IP-enabled Atlona OmniStream 4K/UHD encoders and decoders, Velocity control over IP, and peripherals including OmniStream USB over IP device adapters. Interoperability with related third-party components, including DSPs and Atlona PTZ cameras, is another benefit.


For nearly two decades now, PureLink has been innovating and educating professionals in the AV industry. At this year’s ISE show, PureLink continues to develop solutions by partnering with OneAV.

The PureLink FiberX HDMI 2.0 Optical Pigtail Extender FX-P350 transmits uncompressed audio and video signals up to 1000 m distance over a single SC MultiMode fiber cable.

ISE 2019

This compact, detachable extender is designed for professional applications. It handles full 18 Gbps bandwidth with 24/7 reliability while providing simple plug and play. Its unique reclocking properties of the integrated chipsets feature jitter-reducing circuits enabling FX-P350 to work also with sources prone to strong EMI emissions.


WyreStorm and Domotz joined forces to demonstrate remotely monitored AV distribution solutions. The two companies showcased how their products can be fused to create state-of-the-art AV systems that combine the latest in dealer convenience functionality.

WyreStorm illustrates that with remote access that includes system status monitoring, as well as assistance and issue notifications. Domotz’s remote system management technologies can serve integrators’ repeating revenue opportunities. Integrators that use the new Tile that is built into the Domotz management platform can instantly access updates and remotely monitor their NetworkHD AV over IP product line installations.

ISE 2019

WyreStorm highlights the remote management functionality of Domotz. Decreasing truck rolls to boost the profitability of their installations through management service contracts is the goal. The Tile function presents integrators with complete information about WyreStorm equipment to aid them remotely solve or physically resolve system concerns as quickly as possible.
Besides, WyreStorm says that Domotz’s notification features enable integrators to be quickly informed if an event transpires. This is vital for logging or fault-finding purposes. WyreStorm’s AV over IP system solutions include the NetworkHD 600, NetworkHD 400 product lines, and the NetworkHD Standard Encoder.


Kramer Electronics introduces Kramer Kronos at ISE. A solid, enterprise-class cloud-based room booking and scheduling platform, Kramer Kronos streamlines and automates the control/command side of room booking. IT administrators are able to use a room’s availability as a trigger for automatically controlling room elements, due to its integration with Kramer Control. The Kramer Kronos cloud-based servers’ sensitive booking and scheduling information is completely secure with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption and 802.1x on all transmission to and from the scheduling touchpanels.

ISE 2019

Kramer Kronos provides a plethora of UI templates for full customization. Also, the Kramer Kronos schedule can also be shown on the room display using a VIA device, when no presentation happens. Kramer Kronos works seamlessly with common scheduling platforms, including Office 365, G Suite, and Microsoft Exchange. Furthermore, Kronos can be used with iOS and Android tablets.


The typical conference room and presentation settings of today allow anyone to share their laptop display with guests or colleagues. Excellent communication is achievable when in-room TVs and projectors show the presenters content such as powerpoint, website or video stream during a meeting. In these situations, we expect everything to work bc the last thing in the presenters’ mind should be whether the audio and video equipment is functioning precisely.

Wireless solutions always come with a stigma that it may fail anytime. Typically, each person that is presenting has a different device such as a MacBook, laptop, or a tablet. Each of these devices works a little different than the other, can cause issues to the network. These “issues” can come from the computer not identifying the connection, or not having the proper sharing software. In many cases, newer laptops that are outputting higher bandwidth 4K video signals may not cooperate with the display in the meeting space.

The ConferX line of HDBaseT Wallplate Transmitters is AVPro Edge’s solution. Their first release is of the mini DisplayPort and HDMI input version, the AC-CXWP-MDP-T. Equipped with Mini Display port and HDMI inputs, this product is ready to help you share your presentation. Installers are able to install the unit discreetly under a table or in a wall, allowing different presenter devices to connect with a hard-wired connection to eliminate any hiccups during important meetings.

ISE 2019

The Mini Display Port input option is critical since many laptops have a Mini Display Port video output. Manufacturers utilize mini DisplayPort for its compact size compared to HDMI, and it doesn’t have to carry HDCP (content protection). Companies including Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, and Acer all make laptop models with mini DisplayPort as the only video output option. Apple uses it extensively calling it, “Thunderbolt.”


The manufacturers mentioned above have left an imprint to what the future holds in audiovisual. All-IP spaces in meeting environments that allow users to BYOD and collaborate. The idea of all devices communicating together suits well for working environments productivity. Management solutions for AV over IP systems are also creating opportunities for manufacturers and their operations. ISE Amsterdam 2019 opens up the year to new technologies, and we will surely be on top of it.

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