IP Enabled Digital AV Room Control System by Hall Research VSA-51

The VSA-15 by Hall Research is affordable, easy to use, customizable and most advanced room control solution on the market. It provides a great capacity of switching for digital and analog audio/video sources. The receiver VSA-51-R, designed for this control system has modular source inputs and user controls that connect to it through CAT5 cables. It also powers all the wall-plates for simplicity of installation and flexibility.

Based on users’ requirements, custom system can be designed by selecting different control interfaces, accessories and input modules.

This VSA-51 control system provides configuration, control and advanced IP-based access. Users can access and control this unit from their PCs, Mac, tablets or smartphones by using a software which is embedded in the receiver and served via HTTP to a browser. Serial strings are custom programmable, and allow to control any display and additional serially controlled device and two discrete outputs. Software has features like task scheduling and automation, embedded device control, theft detection and more.

Embedded Software Accessible from any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone

Device control is done by the software, embedded into it. It can be accessible through any modern browser on PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android. This option gives convenience to manage the system from any device within their network. Performing any preprogrammed action from a touch screen devices like iPad or iPhone, adjusting a volume and switching video can be done by built-in control interface.

Control a Display, Secondary Serial Device, and 2 Relays

A primary display, as well as second serially controlled device, 2 discrete outputs and unlimited number of IP devices can be controlled from VSA-51. High level of customization is provided by the control software and programmable buttons on the user interface panel. These buttons can be configured to perform a series of actions like powering a projector, triggering a motorized screen and turning off the lights, all at the same time. The VSA-51 also supports IP pass-through to multiple locations.

Modular Audio/Video Inputs

Each input is on the single-gang decorative plate that can be mounted together or separately on the lectern or wall. A maximum of 5 inputs (2 VGA, 2 Composite and 1 HDMI) each including stereo audio are accepted by the system. Each input is powered by the receiver, therefore no additional power is necessary. All inputs transmit back to the receiver via CAT5 cable.

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