Innovative and Affordable, the HDR-8×8-Plus 4K Resolution HDMI Video Matrix By Smart-AVI

Perfect for optimizing your office, home theatre, or digital market space, SmartAVI’s HDR-8×8-Plus is an elegant and simple HD multi-signal switch. Unplugging and re-plugging quickly becomes a chore with standard signal switching set-ups. The HDR-8×8-Plus, however, independently routes up to eight HDMI inputs across eight displays in stunning 4K resolution and eliminates the tedium of switching HDMIs on a single display.

Compatible with a variety of HDMI-compliant devices and simple to control, theHDR-8×8-Plus offers convenient and practical solutions for your HD video needs. Using front-panel buttons, the IR Remote Control packaged with the matrix, or even via the web using TCP/IP controller, easily switch between computers, HD TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, digital signage, and more without ever disconnecting a cord. Smart, easy to use, and great for managing multiple devices from a single box, the HDR-8×8-Plus takes the hassle out of multi-signal switching. SmartAVI’s HDR-8×8-Plus is a very affordable $1899, and available now!


  • Transmit 4K Input/Output (3840×2160 @30Hz)
  • 8×8 Non-Blocking, HDMI Matrix Switch
  • Distribute any eight inputs to any eight HDMI output displays independently
  • Switch between all eight signals at ease with front-panel buttons or the remote control
  • EDID Learning Mode
  • Includes an IR Remote Control
  • Supports RS-232 Control
  • HDCP, HDMI 1.3, and HDMI 1.4 Compliant
  • Supports DVI-D with adaptors
  • Metal casing and signal interference shielding for optimal security
  • Plug-and-play; easy set-up

Integrated TCP/IP via web browser controller

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