infocomm 2019 recap

InfoComm 2019 Recap

Did you miss out on InfoComm 2019 this year? It’s only North America’s grandest pro-AV event with over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 40,000 attendees. Fortunately for you, fellow enthusiast, BZB Express walked (and walked!) the show floor; bringing you that InfoComm 2019 recap for your life.


As usual, what a blast visiting our partner vendors and filming with them. Shout out to all the on-air talent! Superb performances. The camera and lights tend to have a daylight-hitting-vampires effect. Scatter everyone!


Our partners were as excited showing us their new toys as we were in discovering them. AV over IP was front and center, as has been the case, and deservingly so. But on the rise were collaboration and wireless presentation solutions as more companies shift to open office space setups and huddle room brainstorming. More and more PTZ cameras are being integrated into video conferencing and live streaming environments. We were blown away by the world’s only 8K projectorwhat the 4K?!—and equally as stoked a number of our partners received accolades for their work and dedication. InfoComm 2019 was a mighty groovy ride.


We’ll introduce our partners, briefly touching on the solutions they showcased. Also watch our InfoComm 2019 recap video below; our BZB Express TV crew’s step counters will appreciate it. And make sure to stay tuned as we’ll dive deeper into each product in the coming weeks to fully explore all this AV goodness.




Adder’s solutions are renowned for their reliable performance, technical excellence, and robust manufacture. Adder designs and manufactures an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders, and IP solutions which allow the control of local, remote, and global IT systems.



At InfoComm 2019, Adder showcased the ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series (ALIF4021R-US; ALIF4021T-US). It is the world’s first dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber. Now, adding 4K to any new or existing Adder KVM solution is easier than ever.


The ADDERLin INFINITY 4000 Series was awarded Best of Show at InfoComm 2019 by AV Technology. It also won a Product of the Year award at NAB 2019.





AJA Video Systems

AJA manufacturers award-winning video acquisition, I/O, conversion, and streaming solutions offering unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility. Their engineering has always supported advancements in broadcast technologies and format standards, providing video professionals with future-proof workflow solutions.



AJA was awarded Best of Show at InfoComm 2019 with the Ki Pro GO. It is a portable multi-channel H.264 recorder offering 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off-the-shelf USB drives with redundant recording capabilities.



AJA also showed us their HDR Workflow bundle solution (HDR Image Analyzer; FS-HDR; Hi5-12G; HA5-12G). Designed to be used wherever needed, this solution provides the confidence needed for consistent and predictable HDR production and mastering.



Apantac is a leading developer and designer of high quality, cost effective image signal processing devices. Their product line has been specifically designed to provide users with a flexible, innovative technology solution for image processing, signal processing, and signal extension.


Apantac shared their MT HOOD series of KVM over IP extenders. Set 12 (KVM-IP-Tx; KVM-IP-Rx) are single KVM Extenders and Receivers for extending HDMI, USB, VGA, RS-232, Audio, and IR over CATx.


Set 13 (KVM-IP-Tx2; KVM-IP-Rx2) are dual-head KVM Extenders and Receivers for extending HDMI, USB, VGA, RS-232, Audio, and IR over CATx.


Set 14 (KVM-IP-Tx-PL; KVM-IP-Rx-P) are KVM Extenders based on Gigabit Ethernet Technology with PoE and Looping Input.


Ashly Audio

Ashly designs and builds innovative audio systems for hotels, restaurants, churches, schools, council chambers—any place good sound is important. They blend easy-to-use control software, smart multi-mode DSP-laden power amplifiers, matrix processors, ingenious compact digital mixers and good old fashioned analog signal processors into practical, affordable solutions.



Ashly rocked out with the mXa-1502 DSP solution. The mXa-1502 gives users multi-zone music distribution, sound-masking, paging, and automatic mixing for a wide-range of applications. Users can process 12 audio inputs into four different areas. It includes two 150-watt amplifiers capable of driving 2-, 4-, and 8-ohm as well as 25, 70, and 100V loads.



ATEN designs and manufactures a full scope of sophisticated KVM switch products and solutions. They offer a series of cable, desktop, and LCD KVM products. ATEN’s line of Over IP solutions allows users to effectively manage IT infrastructure from anywhere in the world.


ATEN showed us a wide range of solutions from 4K over IP Extenders (VE8900T; VE8950R) and Control options (VK0100) to Presentation Switches (VP2730).


Aurora Multimedia

Aurora incorporate state-of-the-art technologies that surpass typical specifications and features. Their history of innovation—from the industry’s first non-proprietary, web standards-based IP control systems and touch panels, to advanced HDBaseT™ and IPBaseT™ IP video distribution solutions—has made them a dominant force in the AV industry.



Aurora was awarded Most Innovative Signal Management Product at InfoComm 2019 by Systems Contractor News (SCN). They were recognized for their IPX-TC3-DF-Pro.



IPX-TC3-DF-Pro is based on 10G SDVoE technology, but takes it up a notch. It allows encoding or decoding in the same unit, 8-channel Dante/AES67, Audio DSP, Reversible USB 2.0, 10G PoE+, Dual Fiber, and copper fiber combo versions, and encrypted connection to the server. This product is also the first to implement ReAX IP Control, removing the need for external control systems by integrating control intelligence into the AV over IP.


AVPro Edge

AVPro Edge specializes in full bandwidth audio/video distribution. Working with HDMI, HDBaseT, and HDCP, they pride themselves on developing unique solutions for today’s integrator. From 18Gbps extension products and matrix switchers to audio down-mixers and scalers, AVPro Edge’s product line is diverse with each solution designed to exploit every capability of the chip set inside.



AVPro Edge showed off their Fresco 4 Video Wall Processor (AC-FRESCO-CAP-4) along with their series of ConferX wall plate transmitters.


Their Fresco 4 can handle 18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4) through its one HDMI input and four HDMI outputs. Plug-and-play for a 4-panel video wall, or cascade multiple units for bigger setups.


Bolin Technology

Bolin Technology designs, manufactures, and distributes high performance industrial and professional grade integrated pan, tilt, zoom cameras for use in audio visual and security environments.



Bolin put into focus their new 9 Series 4K PTZ camera with 1 Inch CMOS sensor (BC-9-4K12S-S6MN) along with their Full HD Auto-Framing PTZ camera.



Datavideo designs and manufactures an array of innovative technologies for use in AV, broadcast, live event and production environments. Datavideo brings high-end product features to users wanting broadcast-quality performance, class-leading reliability, and cost-effective solutions.


Datavideo introduced us to their family of HDBaseT PTZ cameras (PTC-140T) with IP controller (RMC-300C). They also had a nifty robotic pan-tilt head that’ll turn any block camera into a PTZ camera (PTR-10).


Digital Projection

Digital Projection is a digital imaging pioneer and industry leader who manufactures an extensive and ever-growing line of high-performance 3-chip and single-chip DLP® projection systems. These projectors are the standard for demanding applications such as large-venue, live-event staging, medical and scientific research, education, houses of worship, command and control, digital cinema, commercial entertainment, and elite home cinema.


Digital Projection is the only projector manufacturer to win an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. They’ve won it twice.


Digital Projection amazed our retinas with the world’s first DLP Laser projector offering 8K resolution. The INSIGHT Laser 8K sat in a dark demo room but absolutely illuminated everything with unbelievably bright, vibrant colors. It produced the clearest of pictures, pictures that virtually jumped out at you as if they were three dimensional!


Hall Research

Hall Research is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative Video over CATx, matrix switchers, automation, and scaling products. As the creators of the solution that revolutionized Video over Cat5, the Mini-Cat®, Hall Research has risen to prominence in the AV industry.


InfoComm 2019 recap HR Versa 4K


Hall Research shared the VERSA-4K, their 4K Video & USB Extension for Point-to-Point or Matrix over IP solution. They also showed us their upcoming HDMI 2.0 Extender via Fiber solution, the FXT-460.



HuddleCamHD manufactures speakerphones and USB connected conference cameras. Offering both wired and wireless USB webcams, HuddleCamHD is known for its affordability and cameras with pan, tilt, and optical zoom capabilities. The company initially featured a set of eight USB connected conference cameras built in conjunction with web conferencing softwares such as GoToMeeting, Skype, and Zoom. They have since grown to include wireless USB conferencing products that serve the same market.



HuddleCamHD introduced the HuddlePair Wireless USB Speakerphone (HP-AIR-BK) and Webcam (HC-WEBCAM-120). The HuddlePair combines the industry’s leading wireless USB speakerphone technology and a wide-angle webcam to create a simple, wireless video collaboration solution. It’s everything you need for a productive video conference meeting.


Key Digital

Key Digital®, led by digital video and DVD pioneer Mike Tsinberg, develops and manufactures cutting-edge solutions for virtually all applications where high-end video and control are needed. They are at the forefront of the video industry for Broadcasters, Custom Installers, System Integrators, Home Theater Retailers, Manufacturers, and Consumers.


Key Digital showed off a number of bundled solutions including their 4K/18G Presentation Switch with four inputs (KD-PS42) complete with Wall Plate Extender, HDBT Receiver, and Class D Amp.


They also raved about their 4K Enterprise AV™ over IP solutions.


Kramer Electronics

Kramer designs, manufactures, and distributes signal management products for analog/digital video signals, audio signals, control signals, and computer graphics video signals which are used in Pro AV, residential, and broadcast/production AV markets. Kramer goes beyond the box with end-to-end solutions, blending cutting-edge cloud technologies, time-tested hardware, and advanced software.



Kramer presented us their Wireless Presentation and Collaboration solutions: the VIA Campus (VIA-CAMPUS-PLUS) and the upcoming VIA Campus²PLUS. They also showed us their AV over IP solutions as well as a cool portable power outlet prototype called MegaEdge.


Stem Audio by Phoenix Audio Technologies

Phoenix Audio is an innovator of audio communication solutions for Voice Over IP (VoIP), Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, and Distance Learning applications. Their products improve the performance of existing conferencing devices and enable people to communicate freely and naturally with simple plug-and-play devices.


InfoComm 2019 recap stem audio


They shared with us their Stem Ecosystem. It is a complete conference room solution including Stem table speakerphone, ceiling mic, wall mic and speakers, hub, and control.



PureLink offers state-of-the-art audio/video products and services for all forms of infrastructures and levels of criticality. For nearly two decades, PureLink has been leading the way as an innovator and educator in the Pro AV industry. They have a long list of industry firsts, leveraging their extensive R&D activities to bring their designer and integrator partners the latest in cutting edge features and functionality.


PureLink shared their VIP series of 4K Video over IP products along with their Network Switches and line of PTZ cameras.



WyreStorm manufacturers award-winning 4K and full HD AV signal distribution and control solutions for Pro AV, commercial, retail, and residential/custom install markets. Specializing in providing single-platform and hybrid solutions, their products minimize system connectivity and complexity for ease of installation and reliability, while offering exceptional functionality and performance for the best value and end-user experience.


WyreStorm brought us their NetworkHD™ 200 Series AV over IP H.264 Multiview Processor. They also launched their distribution matrix system, the WyreStorm Essentials Thunder product line.