How to Split an HD Signal in 5 Easy Steps

So, you’ve got a friend who’s into video games and he wants to play a tournament-style game on his Xbox. To make the competition more compelling, he’s supplying two HDTVs for each of you to play and watch on. The problem is, there is only one Xbox but two displays. How do you split the HD signal coming from the Xbox to show on each screen?

Splitting an HDMI signal is simple and affordable. What you’ll need is an HDMI distribution amplifier or splitter and some extra HDMI cables.

1. Choose a dependable HDMI distribution amplifier or splitter.

For the purpose of this article, we chose the Key Digital KD-HD1x3ProK, which is one input to two outputs HDMI distribution amplifier that supports Ultra HD as well as 4K signals. A great feature included with this unit is its ability to de-embed audio from the HDMI input and send it to external analog or digital outputs.

2. Make sure to label the HDMI cable for future reference.

Connect your HDMI source to the HDMI distribution amplifier via HDMI cable. Before connecting the HDMI cable, be sure to label it with a color coded sticker so you can distinguish it from other HDMI cables that you’ll be using later. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the output of the Xbox and connect the other end to the input of the Key Digital HDMI distribution amplifier.

3. Connect the two HDTVs to the HDMI distribution amplifier.

Label another HDMI cable for your first display and connect one end to the HDMI input #1 and the other end to the HDMI output #1 of the HDMI splitter. Do the same for the 2nd display, take an HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI input of display #2 and plug the other end to the HDMI output #2 of the HDMI splitter.

4. Power ON all connected devices.

Plug the power of the Xbox, HDMI distribution amplifier, and the two displays to a power strip. After completing this task, simply power on all devices.

5. Make sure you’re on the right source input on each display.

The last step is to ensure you are on the correct input source of each screen. The image on each display should be the same signal coming from the Xbox. If this is so, then you have successfully split the HD signal into 5 easy steps.


The video below is a comprehensive demonstration of how easy you can split an HD signal.


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