How to Easily Extend and Matrix Switch Video over IP

Video over IP in the Pro AV market has increased significantly in the last couple of years. Gefen has adopted this technology and has developed a system that can take the most common signal formats into the realm of distribution and networking. This system is designed to allow users access and control of AV just about anywhere over a network without losing functionality and quality.

Gefen’s video over IP solutions are excellent for distributing and managing digital signage, broadcast meetings or conferences as well as events. The use of a standard gigabit Ethernet switch with Gefen’s VGA (EXT-VGAKVM-LAN), DVI (EXT-DVIKVM-LAN), and HDMI (EXT-HDKVM-LAN) KVM over IP products can create an expandable and scalable custom KVM and video matrix with the capacity to network up to 65,000 sender and receiver units.

Also, Extension over IP for HDMI, DVI, and VGA is made simple by connecting a sender unit to a LAN switch to a receiver unit plugged into a display. A matrix controller or Gefen’s keyboard controller software can also allow the user to gain further routing capabilities for this system. In addition, Full HD, HDCP, Deep Color, USB 2.0 over IP, RS-232 over IP, and IR over IP are confirmed features. Take a closer look at this innovative solution by Gefen with the video provided below.