How to Easily Eliminate HDMI, HDCP 2.2 & EDID Problems with the KD-HDFix22

HDMI, the High Definition Multimedia Interface, was designed as the answer to all our High-Definition interconnection quandaries. A single cable to transmit HD video, high-quality multichannel audio and control codes were what the AV industry was waiting on. Manufacturers adopted HDMI with interest and excitement, but that was just the beginning.

Many customers experienced connection difficulties, hardware incompatibilities, and complicated upgrades have spoiled the progress of HDMI. The truth is, when you mix-and-match HDMI source devices, cables, accessories and displays from various brands, it’s virtually inevitable that you’ll find a problem. It’s almost impossible for consumers to determine the issues; and with the devious digital nature of HDMI, it can be. Also, HDCP 2.2 is the newest standard to prevent illegal copying of 4K content. HDCP 2.2 will certainly add more to the prevalent connectivity issues with HDMI.

Well, our partner distributor came up with a new product the KD-HDFix22, which is an HDMI Extender, Booster & Buffer of EDID. This unit also has a built-in audio de-embedder of digital coaxial & analog left & right while supporting HDCP 2.2, TMDS, HPD and Ultra HD/4K. The KD-HDFix22 is a Swiss army knife for HDMI pitfalls including no signal or no video, no audio, resolution error, HDMI / HDCP handshaking, HDCP or EDID issues. This unit also acts as an HDMI extender capable of extending UHD/4K and 1080p resolution up to 75 ft. The name KD-HDFix22 was dubbed “Fix22” for its ability to troubleshoot and fix HDCP 2.2 issues and common HDMI connectivity problems.

We created a short unboxing video below to show the device and the accessories that are included with the unit.