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BZB Express Introduces Atlona PAL to NTSC HDTV Video Converter with a Built-In Tuner (AT-HD590)

The Atlona AT-HD590 is a High Definition PAL to NTSC Converter and Scaler. The AT-HD590 features 2 HDMI inputs, 1…

BZB Express ships Atlona 8×8:2 PRO HDMI Matrix Switch with CAT5/6 and Local HDMI Outputs with 3D Support (AT-PROHD88M-SR)

BZB Express would like to reintroduce the biggest hit of 2010, and the most advanced true 8x8 HDMI switcher by…

BZB Expresss Introduces GefenToolBox 1:4 Splitter for HDMI with FST and 3DTV

New GefenToolBox GTB-HDFST-144 1:4 Splitter for HDMI with FST and 3DTV. One HDMI Input, Four HDMI Outputs - In a…

BZB Express Introduces New Atlona AT-3GSDI-HD2 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI to HDMI With Stereo Audio Converter

Atlona AT-3GSDI-HD2 Full-Featured Device Combines Support for All Audio Formats up to 8-Channel With Industry’s Fastest Response Time at an…

BZB Express ships AT-HD4-SI40SR and AT-HD4-V110SR High-Speed HDMI Extender Kits With Full 3D Support

Atlona Technologies® today announced that the company is now shipping its new AT-HD4-SI40SR and AT-HD4-V110SR high-speed HDMI extender kits. The…

Atlona AVS Series and AT-Line-Pro2

The Transition into the digital video age is years from being complete, and until it is, consumers will have to…