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AJA’s HELO H.264 Recorder Streamer Is Now Available

The long awaited HELO H.264 Recorder Streamer by AJA Video Systems is currently available. HELO can combine SDI and HDMI I/O and simultaneously stream to any Content Delivery Network (CDN) including platforms such as YouTube. Also, record and store H.264 files such as SD cards, USB, or network based storage, all at the same time. The HELO can manage up to a 1080p recording while configuration illustrations are web-based UI.


Projects vary which means flexibility with connectivity is critical. HELO transports with HDMI as well as 3G-SDI video IOs. Maintaining a reliable sync is simple with 24-bit audio at 48 kHz embedded in the HDMI or SDI signal. Also, Line Level, Unbalanced Stereo 3.5mm TRS connectors have you covered.


For many of us, the goal is typically efficiency with outstanding results. Translation is unnecessary to tablets, desktops, smartphones, and TVs with encoding via H.264/MPEG-4, ensuring bandwidth effectiveness with an array of compatible files.


HELO can make streaming a very simple process. Using a USB connection and a web browser based UI allows configuration and setup to any CDN connection prior to any event or gig. As soon as you’re ready, a simple press of a button provides delivery of content across HELOs Ethernet connection.


The HELO offers a Record button on the front of HELO’s mobile interface for instant recording. Easily plug in the NTFS 3.1 or FAT 32 format USB drive, connected network storage, or SD card, and the user can start recording immediately.

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