HDMI/DVI VGA Audio RS-232 Over Fiber Extender Switcher by Hall Research

The Hall Research HDMI/DVI VGA Audio RS-232 Over Fiber Extender Switcher HR-733 can extend VGA audio, uncompressed HDMI video, and bi-directional RS-232 for up to 3000 ft. via one multimode fiber optic cable. It has 2 DVI or HDMI inputs and 1 VGA or YPbPr with corresponding audio (via S/PDIF TOSLINK or 3.5mm L/R stereo). Analog input signal is converted to digital HDMI and automatically scaled to the native resolution of the remotely located display. HDMI cable is used to connect receiver to the display, while DVI connection requires adapter cable. This device supports EDID pass through from the remotely located display to the selected source and fully HDCP compliant. Almost all HDTV and PC resolutions are supported.

Along with video and audio, this HR-733 unit can extend a bi-directional data channel (CEC, or RS-232). The Sender can also be controlled from RS-232 port (baud rate, input selection etc.)


Control and easy setup of the system is done from user friendly front panel with high contrast alphanumeric LCD screen. The HR-733 include such advanced features as diagnostic messages at the front panel screen, 3D deep-color HDMI 1.4 support, audio delay of the analog input for lip-sync correction, and support for CEC data channel of HDMI (users can choose between CEC or RS-232).

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