HDMI Extender 1T-CT-651/1T-CT-652 over Single Cat.5e/Cat.6 by TV One

The new 1T-CT-651 and 1T-CT-652 HDMI over a single CAT5e/CAT6 extension system is now available for purchase from TV One.

This system consists of a Transmitter 1T-CT-651 and a Receiver 1T-CT-652. These transmitter and receiver are coupled together, incorporating HDMI v1.4 capability and HDBaseT 3Play™ technology for the ability to transmit uncompressed, high definition TV signals at 1080p over a single CAT5 or CAT6 cable. HDMI v1.4a is supported, including  4K x 2K and 3D formats. This extension system will allow the transmission of DVI signal with appropriate DVI to HDMI cable adapters. Computer resolutions to WUXGA are also supported and embedded Dolby TrueHD, 7.1CH LPCM and DTS-HD Master Audio capability is standard.

The 1T-CT-651/1T-CT-652 extension system is capable of sending an uncompressed video signals at 1080p for up to 330 feet without degradation. Bi-directional RS-232 signals are supported as well as bi-directional IR control, which is provided through the remotely placed sensors within several feet from the units. Version 1.1 level HDCP security is enabled, while transmitter and receiver units both have the locking power connectors, the unique TV One feature to improve the system’s mechanical security.