Avenview’s multi-function HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4 is an HDMI matrix switcher, multi-input splitter, dual viewer and video wall.

Present day business environments in our era virtually use every digital technology, video conferencing & multi-media displays to run and compete with other companies. In this day in age, certain applications assist in running a business and cost-effective solutions are a constant concern for savvy business owners. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce a wonderful multi-function AV solution from one of the most innovative manufacturer’s in the industry, Avenview.

The product that we would like to highlight today is Avenview’s HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4. As mentioned earlier, the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4 is capable of multi-functions that can and will aid any business. First of all, the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4 is a 4 by 4 HDMI matrix switcher. For those that are new to the term, ‘’matrix switcher’’, a matrix switcher will allow the user to control any source input connected to any output HDTV display up to 1080p @60Hz.

Secondly, the HDM-SWITCHPRO-VW4 can act as a multi-input splitter. A single source input connected can be duplicated up to 4 HD monitors. Thirdly, this unit can also be a dual-viewer when taking the 4 HDMI source inputs and combining all 4 video signals onto 2 HD monitors at full 1080p. Lastly, this unit can input 4 HDMI sources and scale 1 input source across the four HDTV displays making it a 2×2 video wall configuration at 1080p. If this does not make much sense to you, please watch our awesome instructional video for a better understanding of what this unit is capable of.

I’m sure some of you still have questions and our agents are standing by to answer any of them; call us today…we’d love to hear from you.