Video Wall Matrix Switcher

Elevate Any Viewing Experience With A Video Wall Matrix Switcher

The recent introduction of 4K/HDR resolutions raises the expectations of a fantastic viewing experience. Modern-day patrons will remember if your establishment is visually appealing and entertaining. The next time they organize a watch party or want to catch a ball game, their recollection flashes a memory of which establishment has the best TVs and large displays. Establishments understand the importance of visual entertainment to attract and retain their customers.

Currently, the majority of retail businesses rely on projectors and large screens as the primary source for their big-screen entertainment. The large mesmerizing image, brilliant colors, and non-stop action can stop folks in their tracks; this is the concept behind the investment. Attracting paying customers and retaining their attention for as long as possible generates sales.

The Ultimate Viewing Experience

So, what is the best way to create the ultimate viewing experiences nowadays in establishments like Sports Bars, Restaurants, and Hotels? First, it’s time for the projector and screen to go! Replace the screen space and create a masterful video wall using Flat Panel Displays — the smaller the bezel frame, the better.

Second, integrate a Video Wall Matrix Switcher solution to connect all your HDMI source devices to your Flat Panel Displays. We’re excited to introduce the BZ-MVS8x8-4K 8-HDMI Source Input and 8-HDMI Output combo Matrix Switch and Video Wall processor. This unique video distribution system is flexible. Furthermore, it’s an excellent solution for Sports Bars, Casinos, Houses of Worship, Control Rooms, Hotels, Digital Signage, and Live Corporate Events applications.

Video Wall Matrix Switcher

Video Wall Matrix Switcher Combo

The most commonly watched layouts this unit is capable of displaying include a 2×2 (4-Displays) and a 3×3 (6-Displays). For this example, let’s assume we are doing a 2×2 video wall. To accomplish this goal, you will need to purchase four TV Displays and TV mounts as well as the proper cabling and accessories.

The primary device required is referred to as a Video Wall processor. This unit is responsible for transmitting the proper size/format and resolution to deliver a large image across four displays evenly. These units can get a bit pricey, typically from $2500 – $5000.00.

The primary benefit of purchasing the 8-HDMI source capable BG-MVS8x8-4K is that you will receive a Video Wall Processor as well as a Matrix Switcher consolidated in just one unit. What this means is you can choose to use 4-HDMI outputs to run the video wall and the other 4-HDMI outputs to run 4-additional Matrix Display panels. That’s one 2×2 video wall and 4-displays simultaneously, a total of 8-HDMI outputs.

Alternatively, another benefit is the ability to easily convert the video wall into a matrix wall with a simple button by changing the TV Display’s “Source or Input.” (See our Video below for a simple demonstration on how to connect and make this set up work.)

Whether seeking a Matrix Switch or Video Wall processor, the BZ-MVS8x8-4K is the best way to go! It’s budget-friendly, reliable, and offers flexibility while providing the latest in technology when it comes to superior 4K/HDR video quality. Our tech experts are online and readily available to chat from our online store, We also welcome you to give us a call at 888-660-2962 for any questions, consultation, or purchase details.