HDMI extenders

BZB Gear’s Compact HDMI Extenders Sends 1080P, 4K, & HDR Signals Long Distances

HDMI extenders are very sought-after products in the AV market. A typical application requires video signals to travel very long distances while retaining high-quality and regular HDMI cables can only take you so far. HDMI extenders are a pair (transmitter/receiver) and connect via CAT cable.


We are introducing the BZB Gear BZB-EXHD 1080P HDMI Extender. This HDMI Extender delivers a clean HD 1080P resolution up to 164ft. The BZB-EXHD  is ideal for those secondary areas in residential homes where 4K resolution is just not that crucial, like a bathroom, garage, kitchen, or even a guest room. 


The BZB-EXHD is also perfect for commercial environments that tend to be budget conscientious such as Sports Bars. Many times Sports Bars have TV’s outside on the patio or game rooms where 4K resolutions aren’t necessary. The BZB-EXHD extender will still deliver a fantastic HD signal at half the cost, satisfying customers who are typically balancing bar activities. 


For crucial viewing areas, BZB GEAR recommends the BZB-EXH-50 4K/HDR HDMI Extender. This product also has a range of 164ft for delivering 1080P resolution. What differentiates this unit from the BZB-EXHD is it supports 4K HDR at 18Gpbs.




Both devices have IR Control and offer an HDMI loop-out. The local HDMI loop out allows the user to take the input source signal from the transmitter to another TV or even an HDMI switcher. Also, they both support Audio Formats DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD at a range distance of 164ft. 




The BZB-EXHD supports 1080P and 4K/HDR @18Gbps for the BZB-EXH-50 model. For those with existing CAT5e in the walls, the BZB-EXHD unit will work fine, but we recommend CAT6 if possible. The BZB-EXH-50 model requires CAT6 for proper operation. 


We take great pride in supporting and taking good care of our BZB Express dealers and customers. To assure peace of mind, BZB Gear products are backed by a dependable 2-year hassle-free warranty along with Free Expert Tech Support 7-days a week. Furthermore, there are several methods of reaching us via online chat, phone, or our social platforms.