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BZB Gear Premieres Economical AV Solutions for Small to Medium Size Applications

Since 2005, BZB Express has been providing audiovisual solutions for all types of AV challenges. From distributing AV signals throughout a sports bar and digital signage for small, medium, & large businesses, to enhancing the meeting space to integrate mobile devices for efficient collaboration.

Partnering up with award-winning brands allowed us to learn about the industry, furthermore, working closely with our customers opened our eyes. We’ve learned our customers don’t always need all the bells and whistles when it comes to AV products. The most expensive audiovisual products aren’t always the best solution. We’ve recognized that prices can be quite high for some simple AV applications.


BZB Gear AV Solutions

With that said, we’re excited to introduce BZB Express’ new line of AV solutions to amplify your world, BZB Gear!!!



A prevalent audio and video challenge is sending an AV signal long distances. Connections including HDMI, HDBaseT, Optical Fiber, USB, RS232, IR, and even wireless signals are typical formats an Integrator, Designer, or Installer is working to extend over 50ft or more.

We’re ecstatic to introduce the BZB Gear line of extenders! Let’s start with the popular signal everyone looks to extend and that’s HDMI. The BZB-EXHD is a top grade HDMI Extender over a Single Cat5e/6 with IR control up to 164ft/50m. It’s an ideal fix for an application that requires an extension of an HDMI signal up to 1080p.


A step up is the BZB-EXH-50 which supports 4K HDR at 18Gbps up to 164ft with IR control and POE (Power over Ethernet). The BZ-EXH-50 and its little brother, BZB-EXHD are also equipped with an HDMI loop-out for local displays. However, a main difference between the two extenders is that the BZB-EXH-50 will require a single CAT6 cable to support more data such as 4K.

If extending to 164ft is not long enough, we also have the BZ-18HBT-B100 which has all the features of the BZ-EXH-50 but can cover a distance of up to 330ft/100m. Additionally, the unit has a unique ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature. It allows audio from a display that is compatible to be redirected once more from the receiver unit of this device to the transmitter.

The BZB Gear line of extenders also includes the BZ-IP-100HD AV over IP extender. The product is capable of extending a single High Definition input to one or more HD display units via a standard 1G network. Also, for much more distance, the BZ-18GTX-Fiber is an extender that uses optical fiber to send HDMI 4K@60Hz 18Gbps over 3300ft.



Another popular category in audiovisual is AV splitters. Splitters have the ability to divide a single signal in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or more. The BZB-DA-14 is a high performance 1×4 HDMI 18Gbps Splitter that provides a sophisticated solution for splitting a single HDMI signal into 4 HDMI displays.


Now, if your application requires you to split into four displays that are in different rooms, then the BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT is the ideal solution. The top-grade 1×4 HDBaseT splitter is a spectacular signal transmission amplifier that can distribute one HDMI signal up to four HDBaseT outputs without any loss in quality. It utilizes a single Cat6/6a cable for each distribution over up to a distance of 230ft/70m and features a maximum video resolution of up to 4K2K@60Hz(4:4:4). A local HDMI loop-out can permit for two units cascading to a 1×8 splitter. The BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT also supports two-way IR and RS-232 control. The BZ-UHD-1x4HDBT comes as a kit with four HDBaseT receivers for the long runs.



In regards to AV scalers, the BZB Gear offers The BZ-SC-51UHD. This unit is a multiple-input with HDMI output scaler unit which accepts five (5) inputs – four (4) HDMI as well as one (1) VGA, YPbPr, CVBS. The input source can switch and convert to enable resolution and then route through an HDMI output. The device can attain HDTV resolution. Control and configure the unit directly by the use of a panel button, RS-232, and IR remote. The Scaler is perfect for presentations in the classroom and conference rooms.




Last but not least, on the BZB Gear Catalog of affordable AV solutions are Switchers. The goal of a switcher is to enable the user to “switch” between multiple AV sources to one or more displays. Audiovisual switchers are available in formats such as HDMI, HDBaseT, VGA, analog/digital audio and more.

Let’s start with our top-class BZB-SW-41A, an efficient HDMI 18Gbps 4×1 Switcher. The unit can switch any of the available 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs to an HDMI 2.0 display output screen. It is the professional’s choice providing quality HDMI high-resolution digital audio, secure HDCP, and CEC bypass. The BZ-SW-41A effortlessly supports 10bits HDR (High Dynamic Range) pass through. HDMI sound can be extracted to L/R analog sound output without any loss of quality (LPCM only).

BZB Gear BZ-SW-41A

If your application happens to require switching four HDMI sources to two displays, we have the BZ-UHD-42M HDMI Matrix Switcher. This unit can distribute up to four (4) HDMI sources to two (2) HDMI screens. The switcher supports resolution up to 4K2K@60Hz YCbCr with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and it is HDCP 2.2 compliant. It is capable of extracting HDMI source device audio to analog and optical L/R output. Additionally, it can downconvert 4K to 1080P from a 4K source to work with 1080p displays.

BZB Gear BZ-8x8-ARC

The BZB Gear line of switchers can also accommodate matrixing of 4×4 (BZ-UHD-44M-ARC), 6×6 (BZ-UHD-66M70-ARC 6×6), 8×8 (BZ-18G-8x8M 8×8), 16×16 (BZ-MXM-1616M), and 32×32 (BZ-MXM-3636M). The BZB Gear line of matrix switchers support HDBaseT and may require purchasing the compatible receivers a la carte. Our team is ready to speak and answer any questions you may have about your application and our products.

BZB Gear Products

We’re excited about the future of BZB Gear as well as adding more audiovisual solutions to our catalog. We welcome you to browse through our online store, and encourage you to look at our professional-grade products at the most affordable prices. Our goal with BZB Gear is to present you with budget-friendly AV solution to allow you to focus on your project and not how much you’re spending. We back our products with a solid two-year warranty and seven days of tech support. Additionally, we offer 60-days money back guarantee for any reasons you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We’re always happy to hear from our dealers, integrators, and our customers. Your feedback is the driving force behind BZB Gear, and we can’t wait to talk from you.