BZB Express ships Atlona 8×8:2 PRO HDMI Matrix Switch with CAT5/6 and Local HDMI Outputs with 3D Support (AT-PROHD88M-SR)

BZB Express would like to reintroduce the biggest hit of 2010, and the most advanced true 8×8 HDMI switcher by Atlona:
Atlona 8×8:2 HDMI Matrix Switch with CAT5/6 and Local HDMI Outputs with 3D Support. (8 x HDMI Receivers are inlcuded) Model: AT-PROHD88M-SR

The Atlona AT-PROHD88M-SR is a True 8×8:2 HDMI matrix switch. The PROHD88M unit features eight HDMI 1.3 inputs, and eight independently switchable HDMI + Twisted Pair outputs to feed eight separate displays simultaneously. Each output features 1 x HDMI and 2 x Twisted Pair connections where both are active at the same time. Twisted Pair outputs are used to connect to the 8 x included receiver modules.

The AT-PROHD88M-SR has the ability of equalization, amplification and re-clocking the signal to ensure HDMI accurate signal transmission through long cables without quality loss. The transmission distance of Twister Pair (CAT5/6) outputs can reach up to 165ft @ 1080P and 250ft if CAT7 is used with infrared control signal. Distance can be extended for additional 165ft with an optional Atlona repeater unit AT-PROHD-RP. It is recommended to use CAT6 (568B terminated) wire to get the longer distance.

The Atlona 8×8:2 Matrix can be controlled through : IR Back Channel, RS232, RS485, TCP/IP (LAN) or/and supplied remote control.

Note1: The AT-PROHD88M-SR comes with 8 x Receiver modules, there is no need to purchase additional hardwar.

Note2: The AT-PROHD88M-SR is able to work on a single CAT5/6/7 cable; however software update is required (The IR pass-through will no longer work in this case).


The AT-PROHD88M-SR is available now from BZB Express at MSRP of $8499.99.