Analog Digital Video Converter

Bridge The Gap With An Analog Digital Video Converter and Upscaler | BG-UHD-SCVEA

Over the past ten years, TV manufacturers have consistently done away with older analog input connections. Legacy devices that use VGA, Composite/CVBS, and RGB/Component have been rendered obsolete. It can be frustrating when attempting to connect older analog devices like VCRs, DVRs, or Camcorders not equipped with new HDMI connections.

Analog Digital Video Converter

Analog Digital Video Converter

BZB Gear recognizes that there are existing environments limited to legacy A/V devices, such as educational facilities, factories, restaurants, and houses of worship. The versatile BG-UHD-SCVEA Analog Digital Video Converter offers a variety of flexible inputs, including VGA, Composite, RGB, DisplayPort 1.1, and HDMI 1.4. This unit’s design is to help bridge the gap between old and modern AV connections. Convert and enhance any viewing experience by upscaling low-quality analog signals to an HDMI output connection; hooking up legacy devices has never been easier. The BZB Express TV team demonstrate how simple connection and control is with the BG-UHD-SCVEA Analog Digital Video Converter.

If operating a computer or laptop with a VGA output and audio is a requirement to the display, the BG-UHD-SCVEA can assist. Connect a 3.5mm cable to the 3.5mm stereo mini-jack port for audio embedding or insertion to the HDMI cable for sound delivery to the connected display.

When it comes to operating this unit, the front panel buttons are helpful. However, it also includes a handy IR remote that is a little more convenient, offering better control. There is also a micro USB port for a remote connection. Users can leverage these control options to adjust aspect ratios and scale resolutions, including 1080p, 1080i, 720P, or 480p. When sending a signal using the HDMI or DisplayPort inputs, the unit is capable of producing a resolution up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4).

Note, the Component and Composite inputs do NOT offer audio via 3.5mm, specifically for VGA.

Bridge The Gap

Compact and reliable, the BG-UHD-SCVEA Analog Digital Video Converter and Scaler solves a variety of legacy connection issues. Combating the incompatibility between AV devices is now manageable and also affordable. We welcome you to chat with our AV experts at our online store, Also, give us a ring at 888-660-2962 for any specific questions you may have.