Avenview’s DVI-PROWALL-4X is a great solution for any business looking to get into digital signage.

Are you a business owner looking to inform more people about your services and products? Do you work for a company that relies on reaching out to a broad audience? Communicating to many people means you have to grab their attention. In this day in age, people watch more TV, use their smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC at work. Naturally, our eyes are more receptive to digital displays now more than ever. Imagine being able to deliver breaking Learning-Hub in real-time, show multiple bright and in-motion footage, change what is showing anytime throughout the day and save money on printing costs. Our BZB Express team is always searching and learning about new products and solutions. We’d like to answer the questions above and make imagination reality with an excellent product from one of our most trusted partners, Avenview.

The DVI-PROWALL-4X is a video wall processor designed to take one input to 4 displays in different layouts. It is also enhanced with real-time data/video utilizing digital transmission processing chips for displaying content on any flat panel displays or projectors. This unit can configure different layouts for any solution including 1×1 (full screen), 1×3, 1×4, 2×2 and mosaic. The DVI-PROWALL-4X is versatile and can accept either DVI or HDMI source inputs and outputs to display making it an exceptional marketing tool for businesses and companies. Suggested applications include retail digital signage, commercial applications and broadcasting/education/ surveillance systems etc. Check out our latest educational video/demo of the DVI-PROWALL-4X below.