The Cost-Effective ANI-QUAD-MINI Multiviewer with Seamless Switching Technology is Making a Splash in the Industry.

Every so often we come across a product that is worth more than its price. In the AV industry, when we come across a product that offers seamless technology we often assume it comes with a heavy price tag. Well, not all seamless AV products will reach deep into our pockets, let alone work flawlessly. A-NeuVideo has developed an outstanding […]

Now Shipping! Aurora Multimedia’s DXP-62 Presentation Scaler/Switcher w/HDBaseT

The DXP-62 is a presentation scaler/switcher designed for multi-signal processing of HDMI®, VGA, Component (YPbPr) and Composite inputs scaling all up to 1900×1200 HD resolution output. It accepts up to four (4) HDMI® inputs and two (2) VGA/YPbPr/Composite inputs and scales all to the on-board HDMI® and HDBaseT simultaneous outputs. Leveraging One Room – One CableTM features, the HDBaseT output […]

Innovative and Affordable, the HDR-8×8-Plus 4K Resolution HDMI Video Matrix By Smart-AVI

Perfect for optimizing your office, home theatre, or digital market space, SmartAVI’s HDR-8×8-Plus is an elegant and simple HD multi-signal switch. Unplugging and re-plugging quickly becomes a chore with standard signal switching set-ups. The HDR-8×8-Plus, however, independently routes up to eight HDMI inputs across eight displays in stunning 4K resolution and eliminates the tedium of switching HDMIs on a single display. […]

BZB Express unveils BZB TV, a new platform for our existing clients and new customers to learn about the latest AV buzz, new technologies and products.

Our industry of Audio Video products continues to soar while progression and new technology are inevitable. With so many different manufacturers competing to release the latest and greatest products, we at BZB Express feel inclined to test, use and learn about these new products before reselling them. It is our due diligence to keep our clients informed and assess their application […]

The AT-HD520 Video and S-Video + Audio to HDMI Converter Scaler from Atlona will upscale your composite or S-Video signal to HDMI up to 1080p.

We live in a world of technology full of smartphones, digital displays, computers and so much more. The evolution of these different types of components has led to incompatibility via connector standards…which leads me to one of Atlona’s converter/scaler products. Introducing Atlona’s AT-HD520 Video and S-Video plus audio to HDMI converter scaler. The AT-HD520 has been developed to upscale analog signals […]

Kramer’s high performance digital HQV scaler, the VP-791 can up or down scale an incoming signal using HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) to DVI or HDMI.

Kramer Electronics has been developing high-performing AV products and solutions for 30 years. Experience and professionalism channeled with innovative solutions has kept Kramer soaring to new heights. Since we are talking about innovative products, let’s review Kramer’s VP-791. The VP-791 is a high-performance digital HQV scaler that is used in applications including Pro AV systems, broadcasting, fixed installs and live events. […]

BZB Express is proud to introduce Audio Authority as one of our new partners in the AV industry.

BZB Express has been in business as a distributor for 10 years now. Since then, we’ve been able to capitalize while maintaining a great relationship with our chosen vendors. Once again we are happy to announce an addition to our line of products. Introducing Audio Authority, expert audio and video solutions since 1976. Audio Authority started as a retail Hi-Fi store […]

Aphex, our new source for pro audio, recording and broadcasting products.

Aphex has been at the heart of professional audio, recording and broadcast for over 35 years. Aphex’s powerful audio enhancement technology instantly makes all your music, games and movies come to life. We are very pleased to announce that we have added Aphex as a new line to the BZB Express Catalog. BZB Express strives to deliver high quality Audio Visual products […]

We are excited to introduce Ophit as a new line of AV products to provide complete solutions and technologies for our valued customers.

We, at BZB Express are able to run our well oiled machine due to the fact that we supply excellent products for our customers. Similar to many fine tuned vehicles, an upgrade is always exciting and excited we are to debut a new line of products for the 2014 season. Ophit is an established leading manufacturer of cutting edge Audio-Video […]