Audio Authority’s SF-16M is a multi-purpose RCA Matrix Audio Amplifier for any atmosphere.

When we partnered to become a distributor for Audio Authority, we were confident in moving all their US manufactured Audio products. Audio Authority has a history of offering OEM services since 1982; however in 2005 was their major breakthrough introducing Audio Authority as a brand for two-way audio/video intercom systems. Their business has blossomed to deploy residential and commercial use products including AV matrix routers, switchers, amplifiers, distribution amps, scalers/converters as well as CAT5 based solutions.

Present day, Audio Authority continues to produce top quality Audio and Video products. One of those products is the SF-16M:

Audio Authority’s SonaFlex SF-16M is an RCA Matrix Audio Amplifier with unique features including two-channel amplification, flexible input options, signal processing, open control capability and is also a matrix distribution system. Assembled in the United States, the SF-16’s design is aimed for your common residential and commercial distributed audio application with the integrator in mind. This is a multi-purpose matrix amplifier that can be utilized  in a variety of environments.

Let’s look at the SF-16 from a user point of view:

Local Source Selection allows the user to connect popular consumer audio products including iPods, Apple TV’s and BluRay players via CAT 5 to the SF-16M’s FlexPort audio inputs. A simple push of a button will let the listener connect with a chosen peripheral and then switch back to the default audio instantly. This same feature can also be used to override background music with audio from a mixer.

Sound Scene is a system snapshot of all the volume and settings from a source. This feature allows the end-user to simply recall captured settings from a previous time. The end user can capture up to 10 Sound Scenes and store them to use for different occasions and environments such as a birthday party, night club or a restaurant atmosphere.

Output Grouping allows multiple outputs to be bundled together to give muting, volume ramping, source selection and more. This feature is ideal for creating large areas a single audio zone. 10 groups can be formed and stored in the SF-16M.

The SF-16M is available to the market and can be ordered through BZB Express. If you have any questions or concerns about the SF-16M or want to consult with us for an upcoming application, please speak with one of our Audio specialists by calling 888-660-2962.