Atlona’s Amazing OmniStream is Revolutionzing 4K Video Distribution

Atlona Technologies attended this year’s historic InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas. Atlona has kept their foot on the pedal, and they continue to progress and innovate with their unveiling of OmniStream.

Atlona’s newest solution for distribution of 4K/UHD, audio, and control over a Gigabit network is OmniStream. The demand of high-density encoding & decoding, critical quality of 4K video compression with low latency, and secure content distribution is the foundation of OmniStream. Also, DANTE technology which is a mixture of hardware, software, and network protocols is available with OmniStream.

The Atlona booth was crowded for most of the show, but our BZBtv crew was lucky enough to film footage of this new product. They were also fortunate to get the assistance of Ken Eagle, Director of Training for Atlona. Enjoy the video!