Presentation Switcher Scaler

Analog to HDMI Presentation Switcher Scaler Revives Legacy Devices

There comes a time when all electronics must face the day they have officially been outdated and left in the wake of newly founded technology. Meanwhile, older technologies are still afloat existing in budgeted environments using old analog devices like VCRs, DVD players, and Camcorders. The question is, are they still relevant or should they be recycled?


If this sounds like a familiar situation where device incompatibility is a daily battle, you are in luck; there is a relatively simple solution. BZB Gear has created a presentation switcher scaler capable of consolidating and distributing these older analog signals to our current TV displays equipped exclusively with HDMI inputs.


Legacy Presentation Switcher Scaler

The BZB Gear BG-PSC7X2 presentation switcher scaler offers (7) source inputs (4-HDMI’s, 1-VGA, 1-Component, and 1-Composite). The VGA, Component, and Composite inputs are capable of upscaling resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1080@60Hz via the (2) HDMI 1.4 outputs. It will also pass a resolution of 4K@30Hz using HDCP 1.4 compliant connected sources. This unit offers the ability to combine and split or matrix the source signals between the two HDMI outputs. Essentially this means you can watch one source simultaneously on both displays or show two separate sources. The video below is a brief demo of how easy it is to switch and matrix multiple inputs with the BG-PSC7X2.


When there are audio considerations such as amplifiers or active monitor speakers that require sound, this unit provides several methods of customization. There is a L/R analog and digital coax RCA outputs for De-embedding audio from HDMI sources as well as a L/R analog 3.5mm input port for embedding audio from analog sources.


Implement the BG-PSC7x2 scaler and switch for environments like educational and government facilities, factories, and businesses using legacy A/V devices. Control this unit with the IR remote, front panel, or 3rd party control by using the RS232 or IR ports. Compact and easy to setup, you’ll feel confident in your presentations and collaborations.



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