What Can a Matrix Switcher Do & Why an A/V System, Sports Bar, Restaurant or Home Theater Must Have One.

A matrix switcher empowers the user to send an audio, video, and control signal to any display. A business that requires many video components including cable or satellite boxes, media servers, Apple TV and other source devices to run would be wise to invest in a matrix switcher. It makes sense to share all that content with every display while adding appeal to your business.
These boxes can be as small and simple as a 2×2 which is 2 sources to 2 displays. They have also evolved to a 4×4, 8×8, 16×16, 32×32 or even more.0

Matrix switchers are standard in sports bars, some restaurants, bowling alleys and casinos for their ability to cover multiple zones from a convenient location.

Today, we’re going to introduce the essential components to upgrade any AV system for a medium or large venue.

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Let’s begin with how to send and receive AV signals to multiple zones from a central location.

Say hello to the AT-UHD-PRO3-88M, an 8×8 matrix switcher and the AT-UHD-PRO3-1616M which is a 16×16 matrix switcher. The PRO3-88M and PRO3-1616M are high-level devices developed by a manufacturer that began incorporating HDBaseT as a standard for most of their products.

For the newbies, HDBaseT technology enables the transmission of audio, video, control, Ethernet and power from a single CAT5/6/7 cable.

AT-UHD-PRO3-1616M - Matrix Switcher

These units have also been customized for dual distance HDMI to HDBaseT switching for 4K and Ultra HD.The PRO3-88M and PRO3-1616M are sturdy matrix switchers with the ability to power their receivers over ethernet plus an option for analog audio breakout. The AT-UHD-PRO3-88M and 1616M matrix switchers allow transmission using HDBaseT up to 100 meters or 70 meters for shorter runs. The developers have also incorporated two HDMI outputs for mirrored routing. With this feature, the user is able to send HDMI based audio to an AVR or be used as an additional output.

We’ve put together a video about Jim and how he upgraded his sports bar with the help of BZB Express. The following video was developed and created by BZB Express for marketing purposes.

Taking a closer look at the AT-UHD-PRO3-88M , we’ve placed an image below of what a typical application would look like.

Bi-directional extension for RS-232 and IR control with remote is available on the outputs. If you’re questioning as to why Atlona didn’t make every output extend up to 100 meters, well, there’s a great reason for that. Atlona understands that integrators and installers with their clients all have a budget.The selection for distance reflects value to address the needs of an installation looking to meet budget.

The selection for distance reflects value to address the needs of an installation looking to meet budget.

There are two compatible receivers for the matrix switchers, the AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX for 100 meters transmission and the AT-UHD-EX-70C-RX for 70 meters.

AT-UHD-PRO3-88M - Matrix Switcher

These high-level matrix switchers can also be joined with a tiny and energy saving amplifier. The AT-PA100-G2 stereo/mono audio amplifier is a superb fit when installing the switchers in offices, classrooms, or home theaters. An awesome feature, especially for presentation settings is the unit’s ability for microphone ducking. The presenter can easily speak into the mic and background audio will settle down so the voice can be clearly heard. Another novel device that works adequately with the PRO3-88M and PRO3-1616M is a multi-channel audio converter, the AT-UHD-M2C-BAL . This converter is developed to obtain multi-channel LPCM, Dolby, DTS and sound signals from HDMI sources to balanced analog signals for pro AV systems.

Installers and Integrators can be reassured that the PRO3-88M & PRO3-1616M matrix switchers for 4K/UHD provide the latest content protection specs which is HDCP 2.2.

When combined with PC’s, displays and other sources, these advanced units will future proof your AV system for forthcoming technology developments, 4K/UHD streaming services and playback devices.

These units are also customizable with control including IR,  TCP/IP and RS-232 with 3rd party control systems. Another valuable feature is the simple GUI-based configuration utilizing an integrated web server. This feature will provide a status summary for HDCP, EDID, and I/O routing. Also, the web GUI enables a speedy configuration of internal settings and troubleshooting from as iPad, smartphone, tablet or a PC.

Super Bowl 50 - Matrix Switcher


The PRO3-88M and PRO3-1616M are packed with features that can help a business while adding value. Our BZB Express Team understands building an advanced AV system is a huge expense for any business, and we welcome any inquiry regarding the products listed above. Our technology experts are available for an honest consultation and would like to know more about your application. Remember, for every AV problem, there’s a BZB solution!