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5 Ways to Avoid Stolen Packages From Your Door

Has package theft ruined your online buying experience? Has the Grinch put a damper on receiving Christmas gifts in the middle of spring? Are there not effective ways to avoid stolen packages from your doorstep?

Welcome, Frustrated on the Internet. BZB Express is here to put the joy back into your uncontrollable online shopping! We have assembled some preventive measures to help protect your packages once they are delivered.


Security Cameras

A great way to avoid stolen packages and deter would-be thieves is with a security camera or doorbell camera. An upfront security camera is more noticeable than a doorbell camera, therefore more effective in actually scaring away a thief. But both are great options for catching that scallywag redhanded.

avoid stolen packages security camera

There a number of options to consider when employing security cameras such as the number of cameras you want and storage capabilities. Stand-alone security cameras have built-in hard disks with limited capacity, which are contained inside DVRs and NVRs for storage. However, IP security cameras record on network servers or network attached storage (NAS) devices. This allows massive amounts of storage space to record prolonged periods.

BZB Express has a trove of security camera equipment for any size application. If you need help deciding what is right for you, drop us a line or email, even chat with us, and we’d be happy to veer you in the right direction.


Amazon Key

Would you rather a stranger enters your home to leave your package, or a stranger steals it from the outside? If you can look past the semi-intruder, then give Amazon Key a whirl. It combines a security camera and smart lock, allowing delivery services to place your packages not only inside your front door, but even garage or car trunk.

No need for an “Alexa, Intruder Alert” alert. Amazon has specific guidelines to follow and a lot of security measures are in place to keep the delivery person honest. Amazon sends a notification to your smartphone once your package arrives and records it using a connected camera. You can either watch it live or at a later time.

A downside to Amazon Key is cost. You will need to purchase a smart lock and connected camera from Amazon. Some smart locks are bundled with an Amazon Cloud Cam like those from Kwikset, Schlage, or Yale. In addition, these locks also require installation.


Amazon Locker

Another option if you’re ordering from Amazon is Amazon Locker. Your package will be delivered and placed in these lockers, which can be found at a number of places around the country (e.g., 7-Eleven, Whole Foods, department stores). You will receive a unique code to enter to retrieve your package from the locker. There is no charge to use an Amazon Locker and it can also be used for returns.



What if you could have a locker on your property instead of a store you drive to? BoxLock fulfills that. It is a smart padlock that unlocks upon scanning your package so the delivery person can store it inside your storage box. You provide the storage container, BoxLock will handle the scanning and connectivity. It connects via WiFi and checks the barcode on your package to verify it is what you are expecting before unlocking.


Office Drop-Off

One of the most obvious solutions to avoid stolen packages is to avoid the situation altogether. You spend a chunk of your day at work, so what better place to send your stuff than your workplace. Though there are obstacles to consider like performing a balancing act with your boxes to your car—or even train or bus for you commuters! Or if you work in a large building, your package can easily become delayed or misplaced en route to your desk.


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