Test Any AV System w/ Kramer’s 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer

Kramer’s award-winning 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer is a professional installer’s AV lightsaber. In today’s video market, the importance of 4K, Ultra HD, and the emergence of HDR is burdening residential and commercial video systems.

4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer

Installers and Integrators alike now have an AV accessory that can troubleshoot and prevent system failures. Additionally, professionals can generate signal patterns and verify the formats of advanced video systems. The 860 specializes in managing signals as high as 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma subsampling. Also, it is compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.


4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer

With the test tool producing 88 resolutions, 55 test patterns, and more than a dozen AV analysis functions, the 860 provides a vast range of testing options. Some of these test functions include HDMI data packet, HDCP and EDID analysis. The 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer also supports EDID upload and emulation.

The device monitors Status and Control Data Channel (SCDC) providing 18G signal detection and up to eight channels of LPCM audio test tones. The 860 has HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and unbalanced stereo audio inputs. On the other hand, outputs include HDMI, VGA, and unbalanced stereo.

No mission is impossible with the Kramer 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer. As a matter of fact, our guys demonstrate the prowess of the 860 on our latest episode of The Hive, below.


Take Control In Any Situation

The 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer is controllable via front panel, RS-232, Telnet, and IR. The front OLED display provides rapid updates on current statuses.


Bottom Line

Kramer’s 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer is packed with a ton of advanced testing options. Furthermore, this device is great for HDMI source and sink testing, HDCP compliance verification, production testing and much more.

Whether you’re a 3rd–party equipment setup engineer or an installer/integrator looking for a multi-function test tool, the 860 is a robust tool for troubleshooting HDMI pitfalls or generating/testing and verifying the signal path within an 18Gpbs ecosystem.

The Kramer 860 4K HDR Signal Generator & Analyzer is available on our online store. BZB Express is a partner and authorized reseller of Kramer Electronics products and extends Kramer’s limited 7-year warranty to all clients.