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Digital Projection INSIGHT 930 Insight Projector/17500 Lumens/4K 4096x2160

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    Digital Projection
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    INSIGHT 930
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    150.00 lbs
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    3 Years
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  • Weight
    150 lbs
  • SKU
    INSIGHT 930
  • Mnf#/Vendor#
    Digital Projection

INSIGHT 930 is one of DPI’s two (2) new high-brightness, lamp- illuminated INSIGHT 4K projectors. The unit is lamp-based, true 4K resolution projector line comprises of two (2) models: the quad-lamp 25,000-lumen INSIGHT 4K QUAD and the dual-lamp 17,500-lumen INSIGHT 4K 930. These lamp-illuminated displays offer incredible brightness output to the impressive INSIGHT product lineup. Perfect for locations contending with full ambient light or requiring to produce large- scale, top-quality imagery.

By integrating true 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution with 3-chip DLP imaging performance, the projectors deliver stunning image quality and true large venue application-enabling brightness. Environments with massive screens now have projection solutions that will grab their audience’s attention. Even in locations with high ambient light, where lower lumen projectors often fail to deliver captivating imagery. Unconventional projection environments like outdoor projection and building mapping applications will also recognize the image brilliance that up to 25,000 lumens of light output create. In smaller locations where image quality and detail are critical, the INSIGHT 4K 930 and QUAD deliver clear, perfect imagery with a punch.

The INSIGHT 4K 930 and QUAD models has two (2) Displayport 1.2 inputs, each allowing resolutions up to 2048 x 2160 @ 60fps with 4:4:4 color chroma. It is HDMI 1.4b compliant and supports resolutions of 4096 x 2160@30fps with 4:4:4 color chroma and 60fps with 4:2:2 color chroma. It also has an optional input that supports HD-SDI and DVI connectivity. It features Full 3D capability; you can use DPI’s Dual Flash Processing to reproduce the INSIGHT’s displayed frame rate to show 3D sources at on-screen frame rates up to 144Hz. Both INSIGHT displays incorporate DPI’s ColorMax advanced color calibration system to enable projected content is color-accurate and impressively bright.

Facilities that require an efficient way to control multiple INSIGHT 4K 930 and INSIGHT 4K QUAD projectors will get access to DPI’s new Projector Controller software. Compatible use with many of the displays within DPI’s 3-chip DLP product line, and select single-chip DP displays, the Projector Controller software enables full management and function of multiple projectors from one centralized PC-based application. Perfect for use in large installations, or where you install projectors in various places within a building, the software can significantly minimize the time needed for setup and configuration.