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Hall Research HR-101-R Microphone and Line-Level Audio Extender Receiver

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    Hall Research
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  • Weight
    1 lbs
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    Hall Research

The highly professional Model HR-101-R Receiver madeby hall Research features a top quality ST fiber optic information connector to receive an audio transmission from the sender. This perfect device gives a SPDIF advanced audio yield on an RCA connector while also providing a stereo line level yield on 3.5mm micro-stereo jack.

The HR-101 is an expert quality Fiber-Optic soundextender pack. It is uniquely designed with two component parts: a sender unit (HR-101-S) and a receiver unit (HR-101-R). The HR-101 can effortlessly transmit a sound over a solitary multi-mode fiber optic link across separations of over 1000m (3280ft). We recommend that you use OM2 or OM3 cords for lengths of up to 500 meters, and if the distance is more than 500 meters, an OM3 cord will be appropriate.

The HR-101-S is a durable and industry standard micenhancer with stereo line-level blend that can be utilized as a remain solitary gadget. It can also extend quality sound over long separations on fiber optic cords while retaining audio quality when combined with the HR-101-R.


  • MIC preamp input
  • Stereo line levelaudio input
  • Local analog stereo line leveland digital SPDIF audio outputs
  • Adjustablegain for MIC preamp input
  • VU meter toindicate MIC preamp gain
  • Phantom power to accommodate a wide range of MICinputs
  • Safety interlock does not turn onhigh-power fiber LED drivers unless fiber-optic cable is plugged in at both ends
  • Green design,turns off parts of circuit when they are not in use
  • Compact, Rugged, Reliable, and Economical
  • Made in USA