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Hall Research FHD264-R AV and control over IP Receiver with Extracted Audio/RS232 over IP and IR

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  • Weight
    2 lbs
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    Hall Research

This listing is for FHD264-R only. Use description below asa general reference.

The versatile FHD264 from Hall Research is a family of HDMI over LAN Senders (encoders) and Receivers (decoders) that utilizes advanced video encoding techniques to effectively distribute up to 64 Full-HD video signals to hundreds of multiple displays via a simple 1 Gigabit local area network (LAN). These high-quality units also extend Serial RS-232 communications as well as bi-directional IR remote signals. The HDMI Audio is extracted and available on a convenient 3.5mm stereo jack on both the Sender and the Receiver. This unique FHD264-S Sender also provides local HDMI output.

Each of the devices supplies a two-line front panel LCD that can be effortlessly used to easily configure or monitor parameters such as IP settings, multicast group selection, assignment of device names, and lots more. This attribute makes it possible to avoid the usual installation challenges of finding and configuring devices used on the network for the first time. By using the front panel LCD, it is possible for users to see and assign configuration parameters hassle-free.

The RS-232 serial ports on each unit can be used ideally in SoIP mode (Serial over IP). This usage permits 3rd party IP controllers to control peripheral equipment via RS-232 directly. For instance, if the RS-232 of a receiver is connected uniquely to a video projector, you can effortlessly turn the projector on or off via telnet commands sent to the FHD264 Receiver.

Each of the devices supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet). So whenever they are connected securely to a network switch with PoE, there is no need to connect the FHD264 devices to a power supply. A power supply unit is present in the pack for customers that may not have PoE on their network.

The FHD264-R Receivers has the capacity for decoding the video from any Sender on the Local area network (LAN). It is possible to switch the Receiver between Senders quickly. This switch can be possible in several ways by:

  • Using the front panel LCD and push buttons
  • Using the supplied IR Remote Control
  • Browsing to the WebGUI in each unit
  • Telnet Commands (ideal for third-party control of switching)
  • Windows PC application: DVM Manager Tool™ (free)
  • CNT-IP-264 (Global Video-over-IP Controller - sold separately)

The Receivers include an IR remote controller for switching among Sender channels (multicast groups). Users can quickly change the monitor to another source using this IR remote in installations such as sports bars, etc. Also, because the FHD264 extends IR signals, users can effortlessly control sources such as video players using the player's IR remote. This unique control implies that from the Receiver location (at the TV) it is possible for you to use the included IR remote to switch the video to the desired Sender, then you can use the IR remote of whatever unit connected to the sender.

Receivers also offer unique fail-safe automatic video routing and redundancy. In case the receiver is not detecting any video on its currently assigned channel, it will automatically switch to an alternate channel set and defined by the user. It can also automatically turn back to the original multicast channel whenever the video is detected again. FHD264 is useful in applications that are used in digital signage, meeting rooms, classrooms, bus & metro stations, airports, home theater, and more.


  • Create a virtual video matrix with up to 64 Senders and 250 Receivers
  • Works on affordable 1Gig network infrastructure
  • Front panel LCD for configuration of IP parameters, and status indication
  • HDMI loop output connector on FHD264-S Sender
  • HDMI Audio output on each device using 3.5mm stereo connector
  • PoE ready. Power supply not needed when connected to LAN with PoE
  • Fail-safe back up video designation to create automatic redundancy
  • Serial Over IP(SoIP) to control external equipment via the Serial port
  • Receivers include small IR remote controller for switching channels
  • Easy to use WebGUI in each unit, accessible from any browser
  • IR (infra-red) extension from Receiver to Sender
  • User selectable streaming bit rate
  • User-definable name for each device (e.g. Lobby Monitor, Training PC)
  • Supports SD, HD and Full-HD (1080p@60 Hz) resolutions
  • Free Windows DVM Manager Tool™ (for system-wide configuration)