Hall Research HDMI Active Extender Decora Plate with Equalization

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Make installations cleaner with an HDMI Decora® Plate Extender. Provides a standard HDMI plug for connecting any HDMI device. Active equalization cleans signal after traveling through long cable. No power supply required.

Though the EQ-HDMI-DP can be used on the source end as a booster (to push HDMI up to 50 ft), it is better suited as a receiver on the remote end of the cable where it acts as an active equalizer as shown in the block diagram. In that case, one can use the lower cost passive pass-through HDMI connector (GC-HDMI-DP) on the source end and be able to extend the video to 65 ft or longer.

The quality of HDMI signal can be measured by the "eye diagram" of the TMDS signal lines. The wider open the eye in the middle of the transitions, the cleaner the signal and less pixel error. Below is an image showing the TMDS signal as it comes out of the video source such as a Bluray player. But after traveling through 65 feet of cable the signal is vastly deteriorated. The poor signal quality will result in pixellation, or often total image dropout. That's why the EQ-HDMI-DP should primarily be used at the far end of the cable to restore original open eye of the video signal (using automatic compensation).


  • Extend HDMI by restoring signal at end of long cable
  • Automatic equalization allows for perfect image at 65 ft or longer
  • Compact single-gang Decora® Plate form factor
  • Hide cable inside the wall for clean installation
  • Using high quality HDMI cable achieve up to 100 ft (30m)
  • Provides a clean HDMI pass-thru connection for wall plates or lecterns
  • Self powered, no additional power supply needed

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