Digital Signage

Digital Signage

When people in the audio visual field say, “digital signage”, they’re speaking of monitors or displays such as LED screens that are used to inform or persuade. Digital signage is typically found in public places around the world especially retailers and transit systems to increase communication of common interest. Companies use digital signage to welcome while airports use it to show expected arrivals and departures. This affordable technology has also become popular and is now found in campuses, corporations and government institutions.
Digital signage products are designed to work with a variety of inputs and outputs. Some of these units have inputs and outputs that are digital including HDMI, DVI, SDI and analog including VGA, component, composite or both. We are partnered with industry giants including Gefen, Kramer, ZeeVee, Avenview, SmartAVI, Adder and a few others. We carry a selection of digital signage products fit for any application; call us today and speak with one of our seasoned agents to assist you.

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