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Hall Research CNT-IP-264 Programmable Video over IP Controller (for FHD264 family)

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    Hall Research

    The CNT-IP-264 from Hall Research is an IoT product that provides global/master control of video-over-LAN network with different FHD264 encoders and decoders. It lists all video receivers and transmitters with their user- defined names and enables switching of video utilizing drop- down menus. Users can generate custom control buttons for Serial-over-IP or Telnet control of other units and even schedule events.

    The unit can transform your IP-based HDMI video distribution unit into a GUI-based virtual matrix switch. The device can also serve as a universal controller with ultra-modern GUI and scheduling capabilities. When you connect to the same network as the FHD264 HDMI-over-IP unit, it scans the network system, lists and identifies all Transmitters and Receivers by their user-assigned name. Other parameters like IP and Mac address, encoding bit rate, model number, etc. are also accessible.

    A matrix page enables quick distribution of the video from any Transmitter to any Receiver employing drop-down lists. As a control system, it can control other products like projectors, TVs, or motorized screens. Since its HDMI- over-IP codecs have RS232 ports, the controller can extend RS232 commands to external products via them. For example, if an FHD264 Receiver's RS232 port links to a projector, you can assign a specific button on the GUI to turn on/off the projector. You can also schedule actions like changing video routing or powering TVs depending on the time of day. You can create a control webpage with buttons to extend Telnet or RS232 commands.


    • Plug and Play, no installation required
    • Embedded WEB Server with Graphical User Interface
    • Control FHD‐264 video over IP routing from a single global GUI
    • Control External Devices over Serial (SOIP), Telnet or TCP
    • Create custom control for external devices
    • Real time event scheduling with Real‐Time clock
    • Compatible with Hall Research Device Finder Utility
    • Supports DHCP
    • Supports DHCP