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TV One C2-6104A-T CORIOview 4-Window DVI-U Processor with tally board fitted

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  • Brand
    TV One
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    8.00 lbs
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    5 Years
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  • $4600.00

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  • Weight
    8 lbs
  • SKU
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    TV One

CORIOview C2-6104A 4-Window DVI-U Processor is a template designed on TV One's exclusive CORIO® two technology. To mount as much as four sizeable windows on a single DVI-I output, this highly professional unit features a perfect five DVI-U inputs with one used for cascade or for background usage. A CORIO® two scaler is providing full PIP flexibility powers each window.

DVI-U covers several Digital and Analog formats and is equivalent to DVI-I plus Composite Video. With excellent DVI-D image resolutions of approximately 1920x1200@60Hz and 1080p aided alongside analog DVI-A (RGBHV/YUV/ YPbPr via optional HD-15 adaptor) a high-quality image resolution of roughly 2048x2048 is achievable at virtually any refresh rate. Composite Video is also recommended. This unit accommodates and is compatible with almost all computer signal types. High-quality performance of converting source material that contains alternating half-pictures to a computer screen that displays a full picture at a time with motion-adaptive noise reduction provides input compatibility with YUV and YPbPr sources. Custom resolutions can also be added fast and easily by making use of available software.

All settings are put away in secure memory and are held notwithstanding when power is turned off. A unique Ten-user characterized presets (controllable straightforwardly from the front panel or through an external interchange) are also made available to reconfigure settings for various programs at different times. An internal LCD and menu framework aids quick setup. Through the front panel Push Buttons, RS-232/ RS-422/RS-485 or Ethernet, the functions can be adjusted.

Color shades and source marking are also offered to every window. This unit integrates four Unmovable Image Stores which can each show one of ten user-loadable graphic images to be utilized by an input. The fifth information is available for use as a foundation to the four windows, or as cascade information from another CORIOview unit – thus including four more windows for each group.

The CORIO® Tool Suite incorporates entirely with the unit. Also, most external source control systems interface straightforwardly with the total C2 range of products.

Variable Zoom option to as much as 10X magnification enables users to expand any part of the graphic image to fill the whole screen of any Personal Computer. The position knobs will allow you to move quickly around to any desired area. Variable Shrink to as meager as 10% offers several fitting images beside each other.

Genlock, Chromakey, Lumakey, and Mixing are Current Features supported by this unit. The Key Mode enables any window to be keyed over another with variable need/layer control, and it leads to a keyed image that might be blurred in and out.

The unit is controlled through a standard 110-240v power supply housed in a 1RU casing with rack mount ears available.

Client-definable Presets Ten user characterized presets (controllable straightforwardly from the front board or external correspondences) are available to alter settings for different applications. The four scaleable windows can be placed and layered at any place on the output monitor. Provision of colored shades and source labeling occurs for each window. Four Still Image Stores are integrated into the unit which can each show one of ten user loadable graphic images to be utilized instead of information thereby making it ideal for the fifth input to be used for a foundation color, unscaled video or for cascading.

Still Image Store

The CORIOview Multiviewers possess four Still Image Stores that can each show one of ten user loadable graphic images instead of an input. A stored client image such as a custom logo or test card can be keyed, scaled and positioned over the full-screen image. Keyed images can wane in and out, and due to its 4:4:4 sampling type, precise keying at a particular pixel level can be achieved.

Cascading at least two Units: Several CORIOview C2-6104 units can be easily cascaded together to enlarge the number of images showed. This example illustrates the combination of two groups to provide eight scaled and positioned models from eight separate sources over an unscaled background.

CORIO® Tool Suite Integration The CORIO® Tool Suite integrates fully with the CORIOview C2- 6104. Part of its many useful applications is the ability to mark each input visually. This process enables the operator to keep track of which window relates to which input - particularly useful when cascading units.

C2M-TALLY is a partner module for the CORIOview C2-6000 Series Multiviewers to provide both Tally and under-monitor-display (UMD) bolster.

Tally-input and output pins are found on connector D25, and a low-current 5Volts output is supplied for Light Emitting Diode power.

Tally input sources can control either the edge color of video sources or the loading of client-defined Presets in the C2-6000 Series unit.

An RJ45 RS-422/485 connector offers an input for UMD (under-monitor-display) systems (supporting TSL 3.1 protocol). This unit permits a text label to be spontaneously assigned to each video source.

It would be proper to take note that this set of independent units must be fitted at the processing plant or an approved service center – it is not client-installable.


  • 4-Window Processor
  • 4x High Quality CORIO®2 Scaling Engines
  • 5x DVI-U inputs (DVI-I, DVI-A and Composite Video)
  • 5th input for background or cascading multiple units
  • 4x Internal Still Image Stores
  • DVI-D I/O support to 1920x1200,1080p@60Hz
  • DVI-A I/O support to 2048x2048, 1080p@60Hz
  • Analog supports RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
  • 10 User-definable Presets for quick setup
  • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing and Noise Reduction for YUV and YPbPr inputs
  • Color Borders and Source Labeling
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Per-pixel or Percentage Scaling Control
  • Autoset - Automatic Analog Picture Sizing
  • Chromakey, Lumakey, Genlock and Mix
  • Front Panel includes LCD, Menu Control and Quick- Setup features
  • Control via RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet or Front Panel
  • CORIO Tool Suite compatible
  • Optional modules (e.g. for Tally input/output)
  • 1RU rack-mount case
  • Tally Module included