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Atlona AT-OMNI-238 16-Output IP to Analog Audio Bridge

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  • Weight
    7 lbs
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Over the years, Alona has consistently produce high- performance units like the OmniStream™ 238 (AT-OMNI- 238) that effortlessly receives audio streamed from OmniStream AV encoders, and also delivers up to 16 audio outputs without a drop in the quality of the production. This excellent unit supports configuration either as eight stereo pairs or 16 mono channels. Just like every product made by Atlona, this ideal unit conforms to the OmniStream features in line with the industry standard, with an excellent AES67- compatible audio over IP streaming. The OmniStream 238 can receive up to sixteen channels of PCM audio. It is possible to route an audio stream quickly to a single or multiple outputs even if they are balanced or unbalanced. Each output has a volume control that can be programmed. The OmniStream 238 is perfect for connecting audio from HDMI sources into the audio system of a whole-building, and it is also compatible with multiple audio zones in numerous commercial AV application.

Easy configuration, simple to management

One significant advantage of using the OmniStream AV overIP systems is the fact that they are notably easy to set up and maintain. This excellent unit offers flexibility in set up whether for a meeting room, residence, divisible room, or even entire university campus. With its automated network device discovery, plus an intuitive web-based GUI 2.0 the AMS (Atlona Management System) permits an easy configuration of virtual routing for AV, control, and data over the network – just as quickly as you would with the regular AV matrix switching. AMS perfectly streamlines and simplifies management of OmniStream systems by constant system monitoring. The notifications and alerts, event logging, multi-device configuration, and backup, automated firmware updates, remote device control, capabilities make it an ideal unit.

Capable of Dante audio networking

The excellent quality Audinate Dante is a popular audio networking technology widely used in the commercial AV and highly professional audio applications. The OmniStream 238 being an industry standard unit is also a quality Dante-networked audio interface. Dante allows for easy integration of the OmniStream 238 with Dante- equipped DSPs and enterprise-wide or facility distributed audio systems useful in applications for paging, background music, conferencing, etc. (Note: Dante audio over IP routing configuration requires a specific Dante Controller software.)

Compatibility with OmniStream products

The OmniStream 238 works perfectly with other OmniStreamdevices. Making it mainly a perfect match for the OmniStream Pro and OmniStream R-Type encoders, while also offering effortless compatibility with the versatile the OmniStream 232 IP / analog audio bridge.


  • Residential building audio systems – The OmniStream 238 can excellently interface directly with amplifiers in multiple rooms. When programmed into a control system it permits users to control volume in different parts of the residence locally.
  • Useful for Small to medium-sized business environments including Bars, restaurants, offices, etc. – The OmniStream 238 can deliver multi-zone audio as well as background music simultaneously.
  • Finds application in Large commercial environments such as convention centers, stadiums, and houses of worship – Perfectly integrated and equipped with Dante-equipped DSPs and mixing consoles the OmniStream 238 can distribute audio to designated areas or rooms.

Atlona AV Over IP CertificationW

With our free, InfoComm- certified and accredited online education courses you have an advantage of getting the Atlona AV Over IP Certification. This increases your knowledge and increases trust from your customers as regards excellent networked AV system solutions that meet industry standard requirements. You will also be equipped with the right knowledge and skill to deliver quality sales or technical support whenever the need arises.

Just by getting certified by Atlona you gain priority andcritical advantages in selling and offering technical support for OmniStream systems. Feel free to contact your Atlona sales representative for more information or inquiries.

Atlona's high-quality Professional Services

At Atlona we offer excellent quality project design, configuration, as well as goal-oriented management services to numerous system designers and integrators who work with the top-grade OmniStream AV over IP devices. With our years of experience, we have become successfully established as a trusted authority in offering assistance and guidance during the phases of system design and deployment. Atlona delivers optimum performance and productivity in any of your AV over IP projects.

Contact us today and let's get started, we are ready towork with you, and we will assign to you a dedicated and experienced engineer who will guide you throughout the project from the start to end. From creating a customized planner to when you finally commission the project as well as final on-site training, Atlona provides each customer with a unique and exceptional level of care, communication, and support regardless of project size. An overview of our OmniStream Professional Services will convince you to work with us.


Receives up to 16 audio streams from OmniStream AV encoders

  • Receives up to eight stereo or 16 mono audio streams, and sends them to analog audio outputs
  • Provides convenient integration of HDMI embedded PCM audio into whole-house and commercial audio distribution systems

AES67-compatible audio over IP streaming

  • OmniStream R-Type features industry standard, AES67-compatible networked audio streaming between encoders, decoders, and audio interfaces
  • Also enables integration with AES67- compatible audio products and systems

Dante networked audio interface

  • Integrate with Dante-equipped DSPs and systems*
  • Interface directly into a facility or enterprise-wide distributed audio system for paging, background music, and more
  • * Dante audio over IP routing configuration requires Dante Controller software.

16 balanced or unbalanced analog audio outputs

  • Configurable as stereo audio pairs or mono channels
  • Compatible with consumer or professional amplifiers and sound systems

Dedicated, programmable volume and mute control for each audio output

  • Enables independent output level settings to control volume in a specific room or zone
  • Also ideal for establishing proper gain structure in commercial audio systems

IP control

  • Ready for integration with Atlona Velocity™ and third-party control systems
  • Flexible options for volume and mute control through simple, convenient API access

Supports cascading up to eightunits

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch allows direct interconnection of multiple OmniStream 238 units
  • Simplifies integration for larger systems with just a single connection to the network

Simplify integration with plug-and- play network switch compatibility

  • Streamline system setup by using Atlona Certified Switch configurations for popular models from Cisco, Luxul, and others
  • Saves installation time and costs without the need to manually configure a network switch

Easy to configure and manage with AMS (Atlona Management System)

  • Intuitive, web-based GUI for setting up OmniStream systems, including virtual routing for AV*, control, and data over the network
  • Simplify OmniStream system management with continuous monitoring, notifications and alerts, multi-device configuration and backup, automated firmware updates, and more
  • Available as a cost-effective server appliance, or a free software download

Rack mountable 1U, full-rack width enclosure

  • Installs easily in rack mounted systems with included 19″ rack mount brackets
  • Reduces installation time and cost

Included accessories

  • Installation guide, rack mounting brackets, captive screw connectors, and external universal power supply

Award-winning 10 year limited product warranty

  • Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in residential and commercial systems
  • Specify, purchase, and install with confidence