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Atlona AT-AMS-HW AMS/Management System Server Appliance

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The highly durable Atlona Management System (AMS) is a fantastic asset for AV integrators, office AV/IT framework executives, and tech directors to design, screen, and administer various Atlona items from an internet browser. AMS empowers central organization and the effective management of Atlona gadgets and framework establishments all through an office or living residence, sparing incorporation time while filling in as an advantageous gateway for helpdesk bolster. Extensive highlights incorporate programmed arrange gadget unveiling, multi-gadget design and the execution, firmware refresh mechanization and the control, notices and cautions, status logging, and other unique functions.

Effective Appliance for Servers

The AT-AMS-HW  is a minimizedserverapparatus for AMS that effectively incorporates into a rack or some other hidden area. Setup is quick and straightforward – no need for product software establishment or design methodology.

Adaptable Remote Management

AMS is perfect for use in multi-gadget AV establishments and is adaptable to any size establishment. Remote administration capacities of AMS empower AV experts and other staff individuals to oversee, work, and keep up AV frameworks anyplace on the system through a standard internet browser. AMS auto-recognizes introduced Atlona gadgets and enables the client to back up and recover gadget setups, duplicate the design of one Atlona gadget to same devices, and perform firmware updates – all remotely without associating physically into a framework. AMS additionally enables a professional to arrange Atlona gadgets disconnected, and push setups once the gadgets are on the web.

AMS 2.0

AMS 2.0 is the most recent form of the Atlona ManagementSystem, highlighting a recently overhauled GUI with easy to understand communication and route components initially made for the Velocity Control System. For OmniStream AV over IP frameworks, AMS 2.0 likewise includes another UI for video, sound, control, and virtual information steering that is ground-breaking, adaptable, and simple to utilize.

If it's not too much trouble allude to this table beneathfor nitty-gritty data on Atlona item similarity with AMS 2.0, just as the quality Legacy AMS 1.8 standard. We are driving innovation to effectively relocate all Atlona items over to AMS 2.0 in the nearest future.

(Note: AMS 1.8 does not work with OmniStream frameworks andis accessible just as downloaded product software.)


  • Centralized, network-based configuration and management of Atlona IP-controllable products and systems
  • Manage configuration and firmware updates for AV devices spanning a facility, building, enterprise, or residence
  • Access anywhere on the network from a web browser
  • Simplify Atlona device configuration, deployment, and management with the interactions, flow, and visual elements of a web or mobile app GUI
  • Intuitive, flexible, and powerful GUI for routing video, audio, control, and data in OmniStream AV over IP systems
  • Automatically discovers Atlona devices on the network and adds them to the system configuration
  • Organize Atlona device installations by room, floor, building, and site or campus
  • Back up device configurations, duplicate configurations to identical Atlona products on the network, and restore configurations when devices are replaced
  • Pre-configure Atlona devices prior to on-site installation and commissioning
  • Manage firmware updates including the ability the push to multiple devices at once
  • Schedule automated firmware updates at a convenient date and time
  • Create role-based accounts for integrator, client, and AV/IT staff members, each with clearly defined access privileges
  • Continuous system monitoring – quickly assess system and device status
  • AT-AMS-HW server appliance features:
    • Compact – easily installs into a rack or any other discreet location
    • Quick setup – obtain IP address by connecting to display or inserting a USB flash drive
    • Access from a web browser, or connect a mouse, keyboard, and display
    • Low-profile, 1 inch (25 mm) high enclosure
  • Also available as a free software download (coming soon)
  • Supports industry-standard, secure data communications through HTTP/2, HTTPS, and WebSockets with TLS and AES-128 encryption