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ADDERLink INFINITY transmitter and receiver units allow multiple remote users to access host computers in a very flexible manner. Such flexibility requires management and coordination - that is where ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (A.I.M.) becomes vital.

ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (A.I.M.) is designed to promote the most efficient use of ADDERLink INFINITY units by allowing central control over any number of transmitters (more commonly referred to as 'Channels' within A.I.M.) and receivers. Using the intuitive A.I.M. webbased interface, one or more administrators can manage potentially thousands of users who are interacting with an almost unlimited number of devices.

ADDERLink INFINITY Manager operates from a self-contained compact server unit that can be situated anywhere within your network. The A.I.M. server is supplied pre-loaded and is straightforward to deploy, requiring only a network connection and a power input to begin operation.

All configuration of your ADDERLink INFINITY transmitters (channels), receivers and users are performed using the intuitive A.I.M. browser interface via a network connected compute

Access privilege

Gives users permission to only access specific channels, for example, management may want to access all channels, whereas specific work groups may only be allowed to access specific channels.

EPG style interface

Enables the user to display the advanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide) on any receiver unit in order to change channel/s in much the same way as a digital TV.


Allows the user to combine various elements from remote computers, e.g. Video, Audio and USB, and save these preferred combinations.


If two receivers wish to collaborate on a machine, or get technical support, the keyboard and mouse can be shared and controlled at the same time.


Allows the screening of the same content on multiple receivers simultaneously in a single transmission.

Connections Reports

Allows the user to produce reports showing all connections, channel communications and logins at any given time.


The A.I.M. interface features a useful dashboard which gives the current overview of the system to show key data e.g. latest channels, latest user logins, latest transmitters, etc. across the network. Additional details can be found by selecting individual headings of key data.

Backup Protocol

The A.I.M. server is delivered pre-configured to automatically identify ADDERLink INFINITY units, to work with and maintain existing LDAP structures via integrated system backup protocols.

Refresh Protocol

The A.I.M. interface is continually refreshed  so the information given is always up to date.

Firmware Upgrade

Allows the user to upgrade all connected units centrally.

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