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AVPro Edge AC-EXO-UNC-KIT 4K HDMI Extender (Transmitter/Receiver) Kit via Optical Fiber up to 2 Kilometers

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    AVPro Edge
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    5.00 lbs
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    10 Years
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  • Weight
    5 lbs
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    AVPro Edge

The top class AC-EXO-UNC-KIT is an excellent HDMI extender over fiber optic link. It takes into account the ultra long separation transmission of HDMI signals (1.25 miles or more). The data transmission is 18Gbps thus it supports all HDMI 2.0 a/b signals.

An excellent quality HDMI extender over fiber optic cord,the AC-EXO-UNC-KIT offer the most convenient means of data transmission. It takes into account ultra-long separation augmentation of HDMI signals (2km has been tried effectively). All HDMI 2.0 a/b signals are upheld as the transfer speed is 18Gbps. With the (AC-EX0-UNC- KIT) you can practically do a similar thing from a conventional HDMI extender through Cat 6a; take an HDMI flag and transmit it over long separations. The integrator can gain power, IR, RS-232, sound extraction, worked in test examples and EDID organization from this unit. What makes this extender emerge is its capacity to do this while conveying a completely uncompressed signal at any more extended separations. when you need zero defects when you need zero compression and complete 18Gbps signal transmission, this extender is the perfect extender to use.

This highly professional fiber optic extender from AVProenables the client to broaden an 18Gbps HDMI signal up to 300 meters utilizing multi-mode fiber and for up to 2 kilometers employing single-mode fiber. While our different extenders use ICT (Invisible Compression Technology) to send 18Gbps, this extender utilizes zero pressure, conveying the 18Gbps flag entirely immaculate. It ensures Color and HDR Metadata stay unblemished making the transmission free of any artifacts like banding or shading mutilation. Other comparable gadgets will convey an ugly picture that has truly obvious banding and distorted colors.

Perfect for both business and private markets fordisseminating high esteem 4K 18Gbps output from rack to show screens, this uncompressed HDMI extender tackles issues. These extenders take care of business, no compelling reason to discover power and course extenders for ultra-long runs. This unit permits you to convey an HDMI flag more remote than at any other time. The AC-EX0- UNC-KIT offers answers for 18Gbps dissemination in every establishment, including private, computerized event centers, retail environments, AV occasions that require dependable and long separation appropriation. It is the ideal choice for Corporate Training centers, Control Rooms, Conference Rooms, Data Center, and Schools. This device is your best decision for uncompressed HDMI transfer.

Key advantages of utilizing AC-EXO-UNC-KIT:

Expand 4K 60 4:4:4 and uncompressed HDR Signals: Distanceis never again a challenge. By using the AC-EX0-UNC-KIT, you can go any separation range you require. This extender pack bolsters up to 2 km (1.25 Miles) when utilizing an individual strand of single-mode fiber. On the contrary, it permits extension of up to 300m (1000ft) on a single strand of promptly accessible OM3 Multi-mode fiber.

Down Scaling: The AC-EX0-UNC-KIT has a scalingcircuitincorporated with the transmitter. The scaler can effortlessly scale 4K (and HDR) to 1080P without any reduction of quality. A typical application for this is the point at which you have a 4K circulation, and you have a couple of display that is more seasoned. The extender can easily downsize where you have to, removing the need to decrease the whole framework. The AC- EX0-UNC-KIT does the hard work, dispensing with the need to include extra boxes. This feature is a perfect decision for augmentation for activities requiring an 18G framework like the AC-MX1616-AUHD.

Complete EDID Management: The AC-EX0- UNC-KIT has great EDIDcontrol. EDID control enables you to deal with the input gadget and demand explicit video resolutions and additionally sound codecs. These accompanying EDID choices are accessible:

  • EDID Bypass 
  • 1080P 2CH Audio 
  • 1080P 8CH Audio 
  • 4K60 4:2:0 2CH Audio 
  • 4K60 4:2:0 8CH Audio 
  • 4K60 4:4:4 HDR 2CH Audio 
  • 4K60 4:4:4 HDR 8CH Audio 
  • USER EDID – EDID Copy 

The EDID Copy Function enables you to duplicate and sparefrom any showcase or projector you need to.

On Board Troubleshooting: This unit enables you to create a1080P or 4K test example to distinguish outside issues (source, repeater, shows, etc.). You would now be able to make sure that your wiring is right and get to the base of problems quickly should they emerge, without having to stress if the source or sink is working appropriately. You can produce a test design from the Tx or the Rx so you can check full framework functionality.

Absolute ARC Management: With a perfect ARC (AudioReturn Channel) Management you can effortlessly cascade sound from neighborhood displays back to the rack or head-end for further appropriation in a conveyed sound framework. With the AC-EXO-UNC-KIT you can oversee ARC in two different ways:

  • Utilize Toslink from the output kept running into the Rx unit and afterward remove from the Toslink port on the Tx (suggested)
  • Utilize the ARC HDMI port on the output and the portion from the Toslink port on the Tx
Future Proof: Using Fiber Optic foundation is the best wayto ensure future security of an establishment, presently you can run fiber in certainty and utilize the AC-EXO-UNC-KIT to convey 18Gbps to your clients!

IR and RS232 Management: IR and RS- 232 are bidirectional and can control the inputs from the sinks or the other way around. What's more is that you can utilize the I-PASS port to plug you Control System source ports specifically into the IR (I-PASS) port on the transmitter (by means of mono 3.5mm link) for perfect and stable IR go through, our extraordinary VPC (Voltage Protection Circuit) enables you to do this without damage or stress on the gadgets inside.

Ethernet Extension: Alongside the sound, video and control signals, this great extender additionally will convey your system, web or other ethernet signals. With ethernet ports on both the receiver and transmitter, you can hard wire your PC, gaming console or remote passage straightforwardly from this extender. These signals are transmitted via the fiber optics together, giving you extra motivations to make this fiber optic extender the one to pick.


  • HDMI 2.0(a/b)
  • 18Gbps Bandwidth Support Uncompressed
  • Up to 4K60 4:4:4 Support
  • Full HDR Support (HDR 10 & 12 Bit)
  • HDR, HDR10+ and HLG Support
  • Dolby Vision Support
  • 4K --> 1080P Down-scaling for mixed systems
  • EDID Management and EDID emulate
  • 4K & HD Test Patterns built into Tx and Rx for troubleshooting
  • Toslink Multichannel Audio Extraction
  • ARC Support (Toslink or HDMI)
  • HDCP 2.2 (and all earlier versions supported)
  • CEC Pass Through
  • 3D Support
  • 300m (1000ft) on full 4K (Multi-mode OM3)
  • 2km (1.25 Miles) on full 4K (Single-mode Fiber)
  • HDCP 2.2 & Earlier
  • Bi Directional IR Passthrough
  • Bi Directional RS232 Transport
  • I-Pass Feature for control system "pass-through"
  • 3-20v protection circuit built in for safe IR transport
  • LED Status, Link, Power indication lights
  • Use single fiber optic cable (Multi-mode or Single- mode)
  • Supports uncompressed PCM 2- Ch., LPCM 5.1 & 7.1, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master Audio, Atmos (On HDMI)
  • ESD protection circuitry (Inputs & Outputs) to 7KV
  • Single LC Connector Type