Sierra Video 96x96 Composite Video Master Router Red PS+CPU 14RU

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Rack Unit Size / Frame

128x128 Video Frames 14RU


128x128 Video Frames 19”w x 24.5”h x 12”d
Optional Redundant Control Processor Frame 19”w x 1.75”h x 19”d
Mounts in standard 19” rack 
Depth measurements do not include front panel hardware or rear cabling
Power 90-240V AC 50/60 HZ (<150 Watts) auto-detecting
Redundant Power Supply Optional
Storage Temperature -40º to +150º F
Storage Temperature -40º to +150º F
Operating Temperature 30º to 100º F ambient


Serial 2 General Purpose 9 pin-D 
each switchable RS-232 or RS-422 
9600, 38400, 115200 baud.
Protocols SVS host, simple Kramer, and select others.
Redundant Control Processor Optional.
Control Panels (Optional) Supports SCP programmable control panels, XY & single bus control panels.
Video Gain Unity (+/-2dB adjustable)
Crosstalk >60dB @ 5MHz
Switching Speed Deterministic


Video Level 1 V p-p
Impedance 75?
Return Loss <-30dB @ 5MHz
Connector Type BNC


Video Level 1 V p-p
Impedance 75?
Return Loss <-30dB @ 5MHz
Connector Type BNC

This listing is for 9696VRR-128-MA Switcher only. Use description below as a general reference.

The Sierra Video Yosemite™ routers are high-performance routing switchers for composite video signals. These units are available a 128x128 (14RU) frame. All modules are hot swappable for critical applications.

Composite Video Features

  • Bandwidth - 40-60Mhz (-3dB)
  • Video Gain - Unity (+/- 2dB adjustable).
  • Crosstalk (all inputs hostile) - >60dB@5Mhz
  • Switching Speed - Deterministic
  • Front Loading & Hot-Swappable Modules - Video I/O modules
  • Optional Redundant Power Supplies & Controllers.

Analog Audio Features

  • Companion Audio Frames - Use Yosemite 64x64 (3RU) & 128x128 (6RU) Audio Frames for mono and stereo audio.
  • Yosemite 64 Frame - 8 Configurations - 
    - Mono: 32x32 to 64x64 by 32 input and/or 32 output increments.
    - Stereo: 16x16 to 32x32 in 16 input and/or 16 output increments.
  • Yosemite 128 Frame - 28 Configurations - 
    - Mono: 32x32 to 128x128 by 32 input and/or 32 output increments.
    - Stereo: 16x16 to 64x64 in 16 input and/or 16 output increments.
  • Front Loading & Hot-Swappable Modules.


  • Redundant Power Supply (RPS) - Must be specified with original order. Cannot be retrofitted.
  • Redundant Control Processor (CPU)
  • Slave Option - Can also be ordered in the “Slave” configuration to be controlled via another Sierra router.


  • Video - 64x64, 32x96, 96x32, 64x96, 96x64, 96x96, 64x128, 128x64, 96x128, 128x96, 128x128
  • Each configuration can be ordered as a Master or Slave Frame.
  • Sample configurations are below.
  • Contact your Kramer Representative for a custom configuration quote.

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